= Bare metal servers -automatic BMC management from various vendors? =

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I have aof servers from different vendors (Cisco,Dell

Eventually there's going to be K8s installed on them, but I need something more preliminary -

I am looking for a way to manage their BMC in order to be able to put an OS on those servers, automatically and at scale, as the servers come "barewith no OS on them.

(The networking is already configured for them)

There are Python libraries written for those BMC's (mainly DMTF Redfish based)

But I am looking for a one ring to rule them all..

I was thinking of something like Openstack's Ironic, but I would like to also hear about other options or how have you done this yourselves.

Redfish is a standard and I think the goal is to create an interface valid between different vendors. You can use a configuration management tool like ansible httpsdocs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/collections/community/general/redfish_config_module.HTML or write some code by your own.

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