= A self-hosted control panel to create & manage dev servers =

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We're building a tool for creating dev servers (AWS, Proxmox, Kubernetes, Docker, etc) and connecting over SSH / remote IDEs (VS Code, Jetbrains): httpsgithub.com/coder/coder

Our first project was code-server (VS Code in the web browser), but we also wanted to build an OSS platform for teams. It's still alpha but we've built templates for Proxmox, AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, Docker. You also can build your own integrations with Terraform.

Here's how I use it:

I connect to headless Mac Mini in my closet (for iOS development)

I use AWS spot VM for large projects (auto shuts down after work day)

Kubernetes workspaces for team projects

I do work for Coder and appreciate feedback on the project. You may have tried Coder v1, which is paid. github.com/coder/coder is entirely OSS, including team features.

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Looks interesting, I'll give it a trial run soon. It would be nice to have more documentation on creating templates. Looking at the examples it seems there's an existing methodology being used (i.e., variables as user input steps).

I'll also test this out.

Had success with IntelliJ in a proxmox CT but didn't have time (then) to polish the set-up for long term use.

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