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It's been a while and this landscape shifts so fast in offerings, I am having a hard time to decide.

Currently, one of my packages is the following:

Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS

6 x 2.50GHzCores 16 GB ECCRAM 320 GBSSD Space 8 TBBandwidth cPanel/WHM/Softaculous 6000 Mbps Network Out **I pay about 140$ per month for this

So anything between 100 and 200$ monthly would be fine for me.

I am seeking an alternative that has at least the same or higher specs.

There are about 60 WordPress websites running on it mainly and some other stuff such as a dashboard built in Laravel

I would need datacenters in either US AND/OR Asia, since I have a second managed VPS running in an asian datacenter and I might migrate that to the new host too.

It has to be managed because I am unable to maintain this myself on an Admin level

Any recommendations for Managed Cloud VPS host would be nice!


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For 40.46 eur/mo ($42.47/mo), Hetzner has their AX41-NVME Dedicated plan. You can also buy cPanel with them for 45.22 euro/mo ($47.46/mo).

It is a dedicated plan so you aren't sharing a server with anyone else.

CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 (6 cores @ 3.6Ghz)


Storage - 1TB NVMe SSD (2x512GB - around 5x faster than regular, SATA SSD)

Network - 1Gbit/s - IPv4 and/or IPv6

Location - Germany (Falkenstein) or Finland (Helsinki)

Management - unmanaged but you can get cPanel or Plesk on checkout at "OPERATING SYSTEM" by clicking WITH CONTROL PANEL -> AlmaLinux 8.5 + cPanel or AlmaLinux 8.5 + Plesk.

You can use a different OS but I normally use AlmaLinux.

You can get these at: httpswww.hetzner.com/dedicated-rootserver/matrix-ax

I saw that you need one in the US. They also have a US data centre in Ashburn, Virginia, but this only supports AMD VPS at this time.

If you need a VPS in Asia, Vultr costs $96/mo for the specs listed on your post, but you will also need to pay cPanel or Plesk costs and install it yourself if you can't manage it yourself, as stated in your post. httpswww.vultr.com/pricing/ httpscpanel.net/pricing/ httpsplesk.com/pricing

Thanks for the detailed reply!

Vultr seems a solid choice for Asia, taking the 12 vCPU and 24GB is still on par with what i pay today. I am used to plesk and Cpanel so adding any of those will do

I am a bit confused on Hertzner as their options seem so extensivelooking at their httpswww.hetzner.com/cloud plans - if I am reading this right:

I can get a CPX51 VPS for half the price i am paying now with almost the same specs?

Because as much as i like the dedicated plans from there, it's based in the EU and the majority of sites target US only

All suggested alternatives are unmanaged. It looks like people are trying to find the cheapest possible VPS. The main question here is who is your current provider and why do you want to change it?

What services does your current "managed VPS" provide? Are they setting up those WordPress sites for you? Or doing the OS updates? Or?

Why do you want to leave them? What do you want in the new host? Why managed?

Can you please share some more details which kind of WordPress sites are you running? Their monthly bandwidth consumption? Which problem you are currently facing with your current provider?

OVH. I think they have a Singapore data center but you really don't need a location based host anymore if you properly implement even the free version of Cloudflare. Hetzner is also good.

Hey Buddy, checkout Milesweb.in. Has International datacenters. Mainly in West Asia and USA. Have been using VPS, dedicated and shared hosting since quite sometime for webapps and websites. Pretty good chat support. Decent pricing. Standard support and server management included and can get higher tier support as complimentary if you're getting a high value plan. Cpanel and plesk at extra cost. If you have existing license they are more than happy to help you install it onto the server. Hopefully you get what you're looking for.

Alternative - space2host.com

I use them both for various services. Compare the plans, prices and support tiers.

Ping me for any help.


I use ssdnodes.com, works great, I host about 100 sites across a few of their servers. Great annual pricing, best 3 year. I also use ionos dedicated servers, very competitive pricing, free Plesk Web Host license: httpswww.ionos.com/servers/value-dedicated-server

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