= Is there a good backup or migration plugin to get a site OFF GoDaddy Managed WordPress? =

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Since thishosting plan disables CRON and generally doesn't provide many resources to the site, I'm having a terrible time getting a site migrated.

Yes, the site shouldn't be 1.6GB. But I'm not trying to make significant changes to fix that while on a live site and a server with such poor performance. That's just asking for an even bigger problem.

Has anybody here had success with any of the backup plugins in such a scenario?

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Update: In case anybody gets here via the Googles for the same issueI ended up doing Updraft Plus in 25MB chunks. Backup to disk. Manual download 1 archive file at a time. Bulk upload and restore. I also picked through the plugins and site files to identifythat didn't need to migrate (a ton of legacy stuff going on) and turned off as many plugins as the site could bare during the backup process. Basically trying to minimize the demand for resources as much as possible to keep things from timing out.

Yeahthis is bad work done by a low skilled developer on a poor web host. But there was no way I was going to do any significant work on their live server. Now I can clean it up on my dev server with no fear.

Thank you everybody for your suggestions.

I’ve used All In One WP Migration and it’s worked well for me. I’ve also used one by the company called Blog Vault that works well.

I'm trying Migrate Guru (from BV) now. DB migrated fine via SFTP but files are moving at about 1MB/Sec. But at least it's not timing out so far.

I'll add AiO to the list if this doesn't pan out.

All in One is the way to go. WP Migrate DB Pro (Deliciouscan migrate everything well but it's a paid option. OP as a side note if you need to run cron jobs on servers that disallow cron, consider github. I run a lot of sites on WP Engine and they disallow cron jobs so I schedule them all through GitHub Actions.

If the godaddy hosting account isn’t using a cpanel server I’d suggest doing a manual backup. Plugins for migration are very cumbersome to use.

Answering the direct question - I use Updraft Plus for this sort of thing - the free version will take a backup and restore it to another host.

With that said, lots of hosting providers will migrate your site to them for free so you should check if your new host will do this or perhaps select a host that will.

I use updraftplus quite a bit and it works fine. I bought the migrator module too in case domain name changes.

Not typically, plugins are not good at handling that size of site, especially when they run on that go(sloth)daddy hosting.

It would be more reliable to use ssh to connect to the server, and

cd into your sites server folder. From there you can do a backup of the database and files manually. Here’s how I do it usually.

Backs up your db to an sql file: `wp db export 2022-06-13-yoursites_db.sql


cd to your users folder or somewhere safe from web browsers, and create a new folder:

mkdir yoursite_backups

Then go into the folder:

cd yoursite_backups

Then use the

tar command to compress and create an archive of your sites files in the current backups folder, including the database backup file you already made earlier: GZIP_OPT=-9 tar -zcvf 2022-06-13-yoursitesfullbackup.tar.gz -C /the/path/to/yoursite.com/ .

That will take a little bit to finish processing, but when it’s done you can download the full backup file to your computer, and restore it somewhere else.

Also don’t forget to delete the database backup file when you’re done, you probably don’t want to leave that laying around.

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