= If available would you play on a dedicated free to play only server? =

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I don't intend on spending much, but even as such I rather play on servers where the core of the community is. I really don't see how or why Blizzard would implement those types of servers as Diablo Immortal was made as a mobile game to "take advantage" of the high value mobile market.

That said, if we had access to those utopian servers and the community was actively playing on them I would aswell.

That wouldfor people like me. Workaholic with a short amount of time to play. I buy the battle pass because it makes levelling easier.

We used to pay full price for games and receive everything. This new generation of games makes you pay as you play, as people don't want to pay $40 for a game.

I will pay up to $40 on QOL improvements and battle pass (like backpack space). Spending money isn't a bad thing, and having all the cheap people in the world on one server won't pay for it. Did you want adverts or something?

It is not about people not wanting to pay $40 for a game.

It is Blizzard and game developers wanting more. Instead of getting $40 a copies, they aim for subscription battlepass and whales who are happy to drop 50k to 100k monthly to stay on top.

Mobile gaming revenue is larger than BOTH PC and consoles combined for a reason.

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