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Hey, I want to buy a 10-slot server on GTXGaming for a group of novice players. No mods, and no megabases. Just casual gameplay with friends. I wonder if 4GB of RAM will be sufficient for smooth gameplay. Any tips in general for server specs?

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Servers don't need much more than a client running the same map would need. Headless server doesn't need a graphics card, saving hardware but also the RAM needs from loading graphics and audio data. But what a server needs is upload capacity and low latency. Users will download the savegame from the server and that should be as fast as possible. Latency I shouldn't need to explain in a video game.

I checked out that company's web page. What I see indicates they're running standard factorio headless servers. I'm running a 3k SPM megabase of vanilla on a headless server and 4 GB is just fine. Don't go too crazy exploring the world and you'll be good.

Im running 2.7k megabase on 16gb ram, 1660 super, ryzen 5 3600 with 40-50ups, So i should be theoreticaly able to reach more ups while hosting map on my 16gb ram i7 laptop headless, and playing on the main rig?

The server should be the slowest of all the computers you plan to play on. The opposite of just about every other mutiplayer system out there.

Every computer has to play the entire game so it'll only ever run as fast as the slowest computer going.

Nah. If a user can't keep up with the server the server will kick the slow user.

Factorio scales on single threaded CPU performance and memory bandwidth/latency. Meaning that for the most part, you'll see far better performance hosting on a modern consumer system (high clock speed + low core count) vs most server specific hardware (low clock speed + lots of cores).

And of course, the game runs in lockstep, meaning that the server can only run as fast as the slowest player's computer.

2 physical cores (3-4 threads) and 4gb of RAM is generally more than enough.

To get more performance, you really need to start picking servers with specific CPUs.

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