= Looking for others to join our dedicated server (Fjordur map) on Ark! (It's free right now - Steam) =

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I have a dedicated server on Steam (NA EST)

Server settings are normal except taming, breeding and egg hatching are 3x the speed. Experience is 1.5x

Mods are kept at a minimal as well, but the important ones will be implemented. (Such as Structures Plus)

We are mostly cis and trans women and some respectful guy friends as well right now. We're trying toour community! (All around the ages of 25-35)

If you're interested, send me a message :)

Thank you!

Ehhh. It's iffy. There's an option for cross-platform in the server manager but for the sake of server stability, I'm leaving it off

I would love to join. I have never played on pc though. Played on ps4 for years and just downloaded ark when I saw it was free on pc. I'm very quiet and shy at first lol

That's totally OK :) No worries at all. The only thing with Ark PC are the mods. It may take a while to load and crash often when they're installing. That's normal and simply because Ark is very poorly optimized Lol I'll send you a message :)

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