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Title. It'll be small-scale, probably no more than 20 players max and even less concurrent. I'm looking for something that's less than 20 dollars a month but also easy to use.

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I would recommend against that route. The cost of a Windows licence is gonna make that hard to find. If it has to be Windows, use a local machine and a tunneling service like cloudflare if you can't port forward. The better option would be to use Linux, for which a vps at that price would be easy to find. Failing either option, use a game hosting service instead, since that's the easiest way to do it in your price range

I had considered using a linux vps, but I have no idea how to operate linux and I figured it would limit which games I could host severely.

I almost forgot about LowEndBox. They havedeals on servers from various providers. You can probably find what you need here: httpslowendbox.com/tag/windows/

use something like hetzner cloud or any other VPS service that allows windows iso ( vultr ). you can easily use the latest windows server evaluation version for free for 3 years by extending the 180 days evaluation period 5 times via slmgr /rearm.

Its much more profitable to use VPS on Linux using WINE. I have a VPS from G-core labs, for 15 euros/month, 2 cores 4 GB RAM, and 100 GB SSD. Decent price, lower than many providers + good protection. VPS on Windows costs much more, this makes no sense.

You should try VPS on Linux. It will be cheaper than Windows. I also recently searched for a VPS for a small server, I chose G-core labs. I figured out Linux and VPS very quickly, don't be afraid, it's easy, and most game servers run on Linux.

I chose between G-core and DigitalOcean, which seems to be more popular, but G-core is more profitable. They have many excellent VPS in the range of 3-20$ and the ability to connect additional DDoS protection for 2-5$. Buying all the necessary services from one provider is more convenient and cheaper.

20 dollars for VPS on Windows is a joke. I have a VPS from G-core labs 4cpu 8gb ram 400gb ssd and I pay $55 a month. This is a very good price for VPS on Windows.

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