= Best dedicated server hosting for large modpacks (50$/mo =

So basically I'm looking to upgrade from the bisect hosting plan I'm running as there's a bit of lag running MC Eternal. Any suggestions on a good dedicated server hosting?

Used BisecHosting for Project Ozone 3 last year, 3 months ~60€ for 7GB of Ram

Didn't have any lag problems and the control panel is very well made

I use DedicatedMC and its been fantastic. Great customer support when you need it, its super easy to set up the server however you want, and the dashboard is really good. There are probably slightly cheaper options but the prices aren’t crazy for what your getting

Eternal is one of the heaviest packs you can throw. Have you checked the MCE discord for their extensive optimization pins?
I've had good experiences with revivenode,and very cheap pricing,should hold up pretty well. If you ain't satisfied with it you can refund up to 48 hours
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