= Appropriation of the term "bare metal" by cloud. =

Another thread about bare metal reminded me of this..

I see more and more that the term "bare metal" is being appropriated by the cloud industry, to refer to physical servers in data centers that are dedicated to a single customer. In other words, there is no sharing of servers through virtualization - the customer has physical servers that are theirs, and theirs alone

The customer has full access, starting with "bare metal", and thus can install their own operating system, and work up from there. It is much different than the traditional cloud service model

If there is a fight over the term "bare metal" between embedded and cloud, I think I know who will win :)
Yeah I saw a Reddit ad for this the other day and I was thinking huh… dunno if programming an x86 server chip in bare metal to run some cloud service is my idea of fun

Thanks for explaining what the term means to the cloud crowd

I hereby propose that we tell them they can have the term bare rack but bare metal is ours :)
Well it all depends on your perspective what you consider bare metal or close to hardware. I write software working for a semiconductor company. We sometimes refer to bare metal programming if we have to grab the soldering iron to change something on the boards

Our hardware colleagues also have the term bare metal programming but for them it is when they manually change something in the mask for the metal layer of theto fix a bug

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