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**So you need dedicated hosting, but you don’t want to spend a fortune in the process? We get that. This article will explore the pros and cons of the six cheapest dedicated hosting plans on the market, so you can choose the best value plan for your website. **
But first, what exactly is dedicated hosting, and why do you need it?
With dedicated hosting, you have a whole server dedicated to your website. This means your website isn’t competing with other sites for bandwidth, and shouldn’t go down if you get a surge in traffic. Load times should also stay fairly high, so you aren’t keeping your customers waiting

You should definitely get dedicated hosting if your website:
- Gets thousands of visits per week
- Is an ecommerce site stocking 30+ products
If your website is at the stage where you need a dedicated hosting plan, it’s proof that things are going well. But no matter how well your website is doing, forking out $500+ for pricey dedicated server hosting never feels great. And you really don’t need to spend that much, especially if you’re only just making the move up from VPS, cloud or shared hosting

We’ve carried out extensive research into dedicated server hosting. By cross-referencing the features, prices and help on offer from the best hosts on the market, we’ve not only found the
**cheapest dedicated server hosting providers but the **best providers too. **The Top 6 Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosts Are Bluehost– $79.99/month GoDaddy– $95.98/month InMotion– $105.69/month HostGator– $118.99/month iPage– $119.99/month A2 Hosting– $141.09/month
We’ll take a closer look at these providers, and what you’re really getting for your money. You can see how we’ve scored the three cheapest dedicated server providers below:
It’s worth noting that the cheapest provider doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best value for money. GoDaddy Hosting, for example, offers the second cheapest dedicated server plan, but scores much lower than InMotion on help and support. With InMotion, you get more bang for your buck for just $10 more per month

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== Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plans for New Customers ==
If you’re after an affordable dedicated hosting plan, we’ll let you in on a little secret: most hosting providers offer great promotional prices to new customers, and these prices will often last for the first year or more. And we’re not just talking ‘a few dollars here and there’ kind of great – we’re talking ‘more than half off’ kind of great

In fact, all the cheapest dedicated server hosts featured on this list have earned their place through generous discounting for new customers. Let’s see how the cheapest dedicated server hosts compare:
 Cheapest Dedicated Hosting Plans Comparison 
Hosting Provider Cheapest Plan Monthly Price for New Customers
|A2 Hosting||Sprint141.09|
You certainly don’t need to fork out the big bucks to get started with a dedicated hosting plan. At $79.99, the cheapest Bluehost plan is a steal, and offers great value for money. Read on for our individual reviews to find out why!
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== #1. Bluehost: $79.99/month ==
**Bluehost – StandardPros and Cons
Pros Cons
In our roundup of the best dedicated hosting providers, we awarded Bluehost the title of ‘Best Value for Money’ – but how does its Standard plan fare against the other cheap plans available?
Bluehost scores fairly well in terms of features. It has a great uptime of 99.98% – second only to the far pricier HostGator – and decent storage, too

Help and support is where Bluehost comes into its own, though. You can contact a member of the Bluehost team at any time, in one of several ways. It’s easy to overlook help and support, but you’ll soon regret doing so when your site goes down and you can’t get hold of anyone to help!

The downside of Bluehost’s Standard plan? For starters, there’s only one server location, meaning it’ll take longer to load your site outside of the US. The bandwidth allowance is also relatively low at 5TB, so you may struggle if you have an unexpected surge in traffic

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== #2. GoDaddy: $95.98/month ==
**GoDaddy – EconomyPros and Cons
Pros Cons
GoDaddy’s Economy plan may be our second cheapest dedicated hosting plan, but it’s not one we’d recommend. For starters, the renewal rate is fairly pricey at $226.98/month, without the features and service to match

GoDaddy is the only provider featured on this list to not offer a 30 day money back guarantee with its dedicated hosting plans, meaning you’re making a real commitment by signing up. The Economy plan’s storage is good, at 1TB of disk space, but you have to pay extra for backups, and the uptime guarantee is a disappointing 99.97%. All in all, you’d expect a lot more for the price

== #3. InMotion: $105.69/month ==
**InMotion – EssentialPros and Cons
Pros Cons
At $105.69/month for the Essential plan, InMotion is the third most affordable provider of dedicated server hosting. But when it comes to value, does it challenge the likes of feature-rich Bluehost?
Well, not really. The Essential plan is very middle of the road, as affordable dedicated hosting plans go

The one big positive? InMotion offers six dedicated hosting plans, which is more than any other host featured on this list. This makes it really easy to upgrade your plan as your website grows, and means you’ll never find yourself paying for much more than you need

== #4. HostGator: $118.99/month ==
**HostGator – ValuePros and Cons
Pros Cons
HostGator may not have snapped up the award for most affordable dedicated hosting plan, but it is our top recommended host, and with good reason. The HostGator ‘Value’ plan is its cheapest dedicated server hosting option, but does it live up to its name?
We think so. The first thing to note about HostGator is that it offers the highest uptime guarantee of any provider, at 99.99% – and since 100% is pretty much impossible to achieve, this is really as good as you can hope to get

The storage with the value plan is great too, with a massive 1TB of disk space available. That, combined with unmetered bandwidth and a perfect score for help and support, makes HostGator a really reliable and good value hosting option

What’s more, you can lock in the promotional price of $118.99/month for up to three years, and you’ve still got the option of your money back guarantee for up to 30 days – win win!
== #5. iPage: $119.99/month ==
**iPage – StartupPros and Cons
Pros Cons
We’ve previously branded iPage the ‘cheap and cheerful’ hosting provider, but unfortunately, when it comes to dedicated server hosting, it really can’t compete in terms of either features or price

Let’s start with the uptime guarantee. iPage guarantees an uptime of only 99.94% – the lowest of any provider featured here. The difference between 99.99% and 99.94% may not sound like a lot, but when you think that each 0.01% equates to around four hours a year, it suddenly feels a whole lot more significant

Combine that with only two CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, and one server location (US) on the cheapest iPage dedicated hosting plan (‘Startup and you’ve got a recipe for a potentially slow and unreliable website

== #6. A2 Hosting: $141.09/month ==
**A2 Hosting – SprintPros and Cons
Pros Cons
Last but not least, A2 Hosting’s ‘Sprint’ Plan may only be the sixth cheapest, but how does it compare for value?
The answer is, pretty well – but not outstandingly. A decent amount of disk space (2 x 500GB), 8GB of RAM, and four server locations across the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific are all qualities that make the Sprint Plan a decent option, but one that doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary. And while it achieves a perfect score for help and support (you can contact A2 Hosting 24/7 in several different ways), the uptime guarantee of only 99.95% doesn’t inspire much confidence

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== Thinking Long-Term: Cheap Dedicated Hosting Renewal Plans ==
This article has focused on finding the cheapest dedicated hosting plans based on the lowest price offered by each host. More often than not though, this is just an introductory offer, and the contract will renew at a higher rate

Depending on the host, you’ll be able to lock in this promotional price for anywhere between three months and three years. But of course, here at Website Builder Expert, we’re all about digging a little deeper

 The 6 Cheapest Long-Term Dedicated Server Hosts (Based on Renewal Prices) Are: 
Bluehost– $119.99/month iPage– $149.99/month DreamHost– $169/month GoDaddy– $169.99/month A2 Hosting– $169.99/month HostGator– $189/month
 Head to Head: The Cheapest Dedicated Hosting Renewal Plans 
Hosting Provider Plan Monthly Renewal Price
|DreamHost||Standard 4149|
|A2 Hosting||Sprint169.99|
As you can see, Bluehost offers the cheapest dedicated hosting options in the long term, as well as during the promotional period. This time DreamHost comes in second with its $149/month plan, although it doesn’t offer any introductory discounts to new customers – it’s the same price for everyone

== Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting: Summary ==
In this article, we’ve identified the seven cheapest dedicated server hosting plans, and what they’re best for

What’s immediately clear is that, with dedicated server hosting, you really can ‘have your cake andit’. The
**Bluehost Standard** plan – top of the class for price – has the features, storage and support to make it one of the best *value* options, too

== Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting: FAQs ==
 What are cheaper alternatives to dedicated hosting? 
Dedicated hosting is, on average, the most expensive form of web hosting. VPS is the next cheapest option. If your website is big enough to need dedicated hosting, though, we don’t recommend you go with anything less – it’ll cause you a lot more hassle in the long run!
 Which dedicated hosting provider has the best uptime guarantee? 
HostGator has the best uptime guarantee, promising your site will be live 99.99% of the time – great stuff!
 Which is the best hosting provider for WordPress sites? 
If your site is built using WordPress, you’ll be able to use any of the hosts featured in this article. That said, check out our roundup of the best WordPress hosting providers for the top performers

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