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== Eco servers: An unbeatable price/performance ratio on the market ==
Choose the most suitable dedicated server for your project from our
**Kimsufi **So you Start** and **Rise** ranges

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== Your questions answered ==

What can OVHcloud Eco dedicated servers be used for?

Eco servers offer high performance at a low price, while being suitable for a number of use cases: hosting business applications and websites, pre-production environments, gaming, and more

For resource-intensive production needs, we recommend our next-generation Bare Metal servers. These have more services included, offering you more options, an advanced network, and an service level agreement (SLA) of up to 99.99%


What guarantees are in place for my Eco server?

Eco cheap dedicated servers benefit from the same infrastructures, procedures and guarantees as OVHcloud’s latest generation Bare Metal servers (Advance, Game, Storage, Scale and High Grade):
- access to OVHcloud technical support
- 24/7 server monitoring, and automatically triggered interventions to replace parts in the event of a hardware failure


Where would my data be hosted?

Your data is hosted in one of our datacentres in France, the UK, Germany, Poland or Canada

For the Asia-Pacific region, you can choose between Australia or Singapore

We guarantee the sovereignty of your data. For any commercial needs in the US, you can order Eco dedicated servers via OVHcloud US: eco.us.ovhcloud.com

How do I contact the technical support included with my server?

**Kimsufi** servers, you can submit support tickets

For the
**So you Start** and **Rise** servers, a telephone number is also available

For more information, visit our customer support page


What are the differences between Eco servers and OVHcloud’s latest generation servers?

The Eco servers (
**Kimsufi **So you Start** and **Rise are specially designed to meet the needs of individuals, startups and small businesses looking for high-performance products at the best price. Check out our product line for more information

The latest generation of OVHcloud Bare Metal servers (Advance, Game, Storage, Scale and High Grade) include the latest innovations to meet the needs of companies looking to host a high-availability infrastructure


Why group together Kimsufi, So you Start and Rise servers?

The new Eco product line brings together our most competitively priced servers, to give you a better overview of our configurations. With multiple filters, you can select the most suitable dedicated server for your needs == What is a dedicated server? == A dedicated server is a machine dedicated to a single customer. While they can be used to host webpages and web content, dedicated servers are mainly used as back-end infrastructures for companies and individuals == Which cheap dedicated server is best for me? == The best choice of dedicated server will depend on your needs — i.e. the number of users received or reached, the level of security set up in your company for your data transmissions, etc You can choose from affordable servers that offer varying levels of performance in terms of CPU, storage space, RAM or bandwidth for internet access. Your choice will be based on different criteria, such as budget, future requirements and technical specifications == What are the main advantages of dedicated servers? == As the name suggests, the machine is dedicated to you, and all of its resources are allocated to you: RAM, storage space and bandwidth Your cheap dedicated server is available 24/7. This guarantee enables you to ensure large-scale data transfers at any time The machine is dedicated to your use. You have access to your applications, without restriction or risk of saturation You have total control of your server. Often, users of low-cost dedicated servers have specific IT skills. As a result, they are looking for a powerful tool that gives them full control over their setup, including full root access.