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Dedicated servers are the physical server which permits you to get the private access to its resource. Selecting one dedicated server proffers you the greatest level of presentation, permitting you for top level performance for different web applications. As a distinct tenant, you are able to expect that you can take pleasure in having full control over creating and optimizing an environment maintained your business

This dedicated server hosting service in Kolkata is so popular for its outstanding uptime as well as ability to switch huge loads of traffic; thus you'll have no contend with your noisy neighbor for a long period. Noisy neighbours are those who can swamp down the server. In case of having a Dedicated Server, your web applications would execute at its optimal speed. So, favoured by our mission-oriented businesses and trades, you can have e-commerce WebPages and sites with huge traffic

Apart from this finest performance, you will get a huge list of other benefits too. As the arena of your business grows, you will be able to add extra storage easily without updating your whole server. Definitely you will have the power and control to enhance server configuration, insert new softwares and the most important – greater level of safety

Dedicated hosting gives not only the freedom so that you can flourish your business, but also the freedom to tell that you do your job with bleeding-edge technology. While a company can rely on the uptime and performance of your server, then why it will not come to you as you are the best

Dedicated Hosting service in Kolkata permits for:
Customized Security
Total power for System Configurations
Setting up of Operating Systems what you want
Resources exclusively committed to your Web Applications
Fast Scale-Ups
Free Hosting without time-bound
No cost related to infrastructure
HIPAA and PCI Compliant
SSD Storage
Security Configurations for secured server
Orangewebsolutions offers you the best manageable Dedicated Server hosting service in Kolkata. This service is packed with invincible support from the topmost obliging staffs in our hosting team. Here you can avail with windows and Linux operating systems. The Dedicated Server Solutions of Orangewebsolutions also come with 24x7 proactive monitoring and server securing procedures. We present dual processor and single processor dedicated servers

Choose between core managed, self managed, or fully managed plans and obtain the paramount support worth for your rupees

With our modern tools, incompressible controls and revitalized life cycles, we proffer our clients the most up-to-date assistance for Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers

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