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Title is self explanatory but id like a good service for hosting. I bought a server on gportal but lets just say im very disapointed

Hey Yeahnahyeahnahyeah1,
sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the server you had from us. It sounds you experienced some issue with it. If that is the case, and if you ever rent a new server from us, please feel free to get in contact with our support team at any given point. They'll gladly help you out on every possible issue

Again, sorry for all the issue you may have experienced. Have a great day!
Steven from GPORTAL
GTX Gaming servers (httpswww.gtxgaming.co.uk/project-zomboid-server-hosting) is very legit. I was using another hosting company and they wereGTX also allows you to wipe the world/players/cars separately. Has folders to access without having to login to FTP via another program and opens all the server setting files easily. Highly recommended!
**Best dedicated server hosting provider
DomainRacer: Best, affordable and secure web hosting
SiteGround: Web hosting provider with expensive cost
Here, I would suggest
**DomainRacer** web hosting as they offer the leading features which are very necessary for the dedicated server. They also offer affordable and customized plans. **Highlights of dedicated server hosting offer by DomainRacer
Dedicated IP address allotted with this plan

Cheapest plans and secure with firewall protection

This gives the high speed network with 21x faster liteSpeed cache technology. Also offer higher uptime up to 99.99% in which zero downtime is there

Award winning support for 24x7x365 days to get the users assurance

Unlimited and on demand bandwidth and storage space is offered

Check the dedicated server hosting from DomainRacer website. It is the best web hosting from every point

Thank you

I'd recommend Zap Hosting. (httpszap-hosting.com/en/) They're pretty legit. I've used their game-servers for years and they provide plenty of hosting locations with very extensive and customizable amounts of RAM for the machine. They've also got the ability to have your own ipv4 address or access a DDoS overview. Access to live console as well. They not only supply game-servers but VPS' too in-case you want more customizability for your server. May be a late comment but good luck!
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