= Does anyone know the best place to host a dedicated server for V Rising? =

I saw several options like Citadel Servers, etc

What would you suggest?
Does anyone own a dedicated server for this game already?

Here is a good video i watched to setup a V Rising dedicated server. You can do this on any running pc

I run the server hosting site indifferentbroccoli.com. It's got simple setup, minimal lag, and offers 2-day free trial, so you can try it before needing to enter any credit card details. $12/month after the trial for 8 players

Customer support is a priority. We'll generally respond within 1-2 hours on our Discord if there are any issues. Happy to chat if you have any questions

25 (or 50) slot V Rising servers for $9/month (50-slot for $18/month) in 7 global locations. No resource limits, custom control panel, NVMe drives, automatic offsite backups, DDoS protection, VoIP, Live Chat support, etc. etc

Definitely the cheapest you're going to find anywhere (and in my biased opinion, best). We are very popular in the Valheim community

Ive been playing for a week with no problem on Valhost server but since 2 days ago, I keep getting randomly Authentication Failed. My friends are not having this issue.

I did repair the game, reinstall, restart modem/routeur, updated my drivers etc.. no success so far

I dont know what to do at this point. It's never happening if I host the server from my computer

I have never rented a server before but I'm using Gportal because apparently it's the official partner the dev is using . I haven't really touched the server settings aside from basic stuff but the interface is really clean . It was a bit more expensive than I imagined it would be but again I've never done it before

LOW.MS are a great alternative to GPortal. More location options and slightly less expensive. httpslow.ms/game-servers/v-rising-server-hosting
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