= AMD: 2nd Gen EPYC Processors Power New IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers =

I'm calling. IBM Cloud revenue last year was $21.2 billion / year (source: httpswww.ibm.com/investor/att/pdf/IBM-4Q19-Earnings-Press-Release.pdf). Without having researched AWS re:invent, I am guessing that the revenue for that event might be
*slightly* smaller

Just wanted to leave this here for those you will think the AMD stock price is going up because of the IBM news

reality doesnt matter. It can go up because of it. I would say most people who trade AMD have no idea of what you just said and barely understand the business AMD is in

Agreed, it's a market segment movement. I checked Intel and they moved up at the same time. If this was due to the IBM news I'd expect contrarian movement for Intel

Tip for others - always check competetors or the markets price movements to understand or gain reason for the changeor indeed dismiss a reason, like this

Edit - for clarity my 'agreement' is with the second paragraph, not the first

If a glorified convenience store like Amazon could build a huge "cloud" business with unlimited tax payer money from wall street (yeah, I was there when amazon made HUGE losses and sold stock at $2000/share gobbled by the central banks/fed with tax payer money), why can't IBM do the same ?
Not that I am a fan of IBM and the Q is rhetorical

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