= Revuto’s Weekly Progress Update #13 =

Dear Revutonians,
It’s time for a weekly update from the
**Revuto** Team. **Here are some updates from the past week
· optimization of the Revuto app backend and Revuto Wallet backend infrastructure in the cloud (bare metal servers)· optimization of Revuto Custodial Wallets for staking pools to load faster· API integration with banking and card issuing providers on the frontend and backend.· API integration with acquirer on the frontend and backend· UX update of the Revuto Staking Center, new Revuto app release with minor bug fixes (v. 2.5.3.)
**opened a new staking pool (R Fund) for staking ADA to earn ADA and Cardano Native Tokens **introduced R Fund NFT** (stake minimum of 500 ADA in R Fund Pool)· **introduced Rstronout NFT**
· added “show recovery phrase” to the Android mobile app· working on legal docs required by
**HANFA** (regulator) to launch the Revuto Custodial Wallet· working with **Banxa** and the KYC provider on the integration of the Fiat-to-Crypto Onramp service· re-opened KYC flow for the specific users· working with the audit team to provide them with the latest Revuto code· worked on the new Referral Program and new flow for the one-time referral rewards· minor changes to the **revuto.com** website, updated Terms & Conditions instructed by banking and card issuing partner· minor changes to the **crypto.revuto.com** website· updated **Revuto GitBook** with video tutorials· announced the secret Defi Product on Cardano (the first DEX on a mobile device), tested DEX (testnet), front-end (iOS and Android app) integration· working with Cardahub.io on custom Revuto NFT Marketplace, getting ready for minting Revuto NFTs· introduced **Revuto Podcasts** and **Live Talk** on YouTube· announced R Fund investment in **Profila aired **podcast videos** with **Profila** and **Cardax** **New Revuto mobile app update, bug fixes, and UIX improvements **DESIGN**
Redesigned the Referral program screen
Redesigned the Preview Send screen for better UX
Preparing design for a new address input feature on Send screen
Designed DEX landing screen
Designed Market order screen
Designed the Order history screen
Implemented the new Referral program screen
Implemented the new REVU Tokens screen
Made APR on Staking review screen dynamic
Implemented Data tracking APIs for better analysis
Fixed validation message logic on Send screen
Implemented the DEX landing screen
Working on new Market order screen
Implementing signing flow
Optimizing Cyclomatic complexity
Fixing issues reported by QA team
Optimized the main menu options on Wallet
Improved the Recovery phrase screen with better UI
Making the architecture for the card issuer implementation (SDK)
Implementing new Vouchers screen
Preparing for release of version 2.5.4
**Do NOT send Funds to anyone claiming to be from the REVUTO team** ❌
Revuto team members will NEVER send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages and/or emails with fake wallet addresses

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