= Bare Metal Cloud Servers =
Cloud-native dedicated servers powered by automation
Cloud-native dedicated servers powered by automation
Deploying dedicated servers should not be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. We built Bare Metal Cloud to help you deploy and manage physical servers with cloud-like ease and simplicity. Bare Metal Cloud delivers cloud agility without the hypervisor overhead

Spin up dedicated servers at cloud speed with a couple of clicks. No more waiting around for hours for your machine to be provisioned

**Run any workload**
No hypervisor. Leverage the raw power of physical hardware and experience a boost in performance

**Automate everything**
Let automation do all the heavy lifting while you focus on developing and releasing great software

**Scale at the edge**
Resize your infrastructure across the US, Europe, and Asia and bring your apps closer to your users

Get Started Quickly
See how easy it is to deploy Bare Metal Cloud servers

Mix and match 20 pre-configured instance types and create a robust environment that is fine-tuned to your compute, memory, storage, and networking needs

With your first server deployment, you will get
**15 TB bandwidth FREE** to share between all servers on the same location (5 TB in Singapore). For advanced bandwidth needs, you can easily upgrade using our flexible packages

Starting at
General purpose instances
Instances with a single Intel processor, 100% dedicated compute, 64GB and 128GB RAM, 1x1 TB and 2x1 TB NVMe storage, and 20 Gbps network capacity

Starting at
Compute instances
Instances with dual Gold and Silver Intel processors, 100% dedicated compute, 128 GB and 256 GB RAM, 2x1 TB NVMe storage, and 50 Gbps network capacity

Starting at
Memory instances
Instances with dual Gold and Silver Intel processors, 100% dedicated compute, 768 GB RAM memory, 2x2 TB NVMe storage, and 50 Gbps network capacity

As low as
Single 4-core Intel CPU
16 GB of RAM
2 x 240 GB SSD
2 x 1 Gbps network
As low as
Single 4-core Intel CPU
32 GB of RAM
1 x 480 GB SSD
2 x 1 Gbps network
Deploy your first server and get 15 TB bandwidth FREE (5 TB in Singapore) once you start generating outbound traffic at a specific location. The free bandwidth package is valid for all servers at your chosen location

Explore all Bare Metal Cloud instances and learn how to best utilize their capabilities

Selected Bare Metal Cloud instances are available out of the American Tower data center in Austin Texas. Get 10-milliseconds access to the platform to accelerate your 5G workloads and improve performance for live data streams and analytics

*“One of the immediate advantages of Bare Metal Cloud is its easy-to-use control panel that lets you build and change your infrastructure in real time. Together with an upstream API that can be used with popular IaC tools, this enables simple and efficient resource management
– Predrag Aleksic, Team Lead – System Engineer, Glimpse.me
Save over 30% when you reserve Bare Metal Cloud instances for a longer period

**Hourly billing**
Deploy a server for a couple of hours and only pay for the resources you use

**Monthly reservations**
Ideal if you need guaranteed resources availability on a month-to-month basis

**Yearly reservations**
Reserve any instance type for 1, 2, or 3 years and receive a big pricing discount

Choose your favorite operating system and let automation set up your environment so you can start developing and deploying apps right away

Lightning-fast deployment in 60 seconds

Linux-based OS optimized for speed and stability

Windows Server 2019 Standard
License included. Usage billed at $0.025 per hour

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter
License included. Usage billed at $0.175 per hour

Set up and manage your dev environments or create custom hybrid-cloud solutions without getting locked into proprietary technologies

**Up to 50 Gbps network**
Get access to our global DDoS-protected network with 20 Gbps (2x10Gbps bonded) and 50 Gbps (2x25Gbps bonded) network options

**Dedicated hardware**
Never worry about sharing resources with other users. You get hardware-level access to your servers and maximum customization freedom

**Public and private IPs**
Get up to 5 static public IP addresses to take advantage of clustering or take your servers off the public internet and create a private network

**Local and object storage**
Run demanding IOPS workloads without a hitch on NVMe-based SSD disks and attach S3-compatible object storage when you need it

Expand the capabilities of your Bare Metal Cloud servers with pre-installed software

Rancher on Bare Metal Cloud
Streamline Kubernetes management by deploying a Bare Metal Cloud server with Rancher pre-installed. Rancher Servers provide centralized authentication and access controls, as well as improved security, and advanced monitoring for your Kubernetes clusters

Bare Metal Cloud offers the best price-performance ratio compared to other cloud solutions

|Instance type||Processor||Memory||Storage||Network||Price|
|Bare Metal Cloud
d1.c1.medium instance
Dual Intel Silver 4210R
(20 cores and 2.4 GHz)

256 GB RAM
2x1 TB NVMe
50 Gbps
|Azure Dedicated Hosts
Dsv3_Type1 instance
Single Intel E5-2673 v4
(2.3 GHz)
256 GB RAM
Managed disks with additional costs
24-30 Gbps
|Bare Metal Cloud
d1.c4.large instance
Dual Intel Gold 6258R
(56 cores and 2.7 GHz)
256 GB RAM
2x2 TB NVMe
50 Gbps
|AWS Dedicated Hosts
c5d.18xlarge instance
Intel Xeon Scalable CPU
(16 cores and 3.4 GHz)
EBS with additional costs
25 Gbps
|Bare Metal Cloud
d1.m4.medium instance
Dual Intel Gold 6258R
(56 cores and 2.7 GHz)
768 GB RAM
2x2 TB NVMe
50 Gbps
|Google Cloud
c2-node-60-240 instance
Dual Intel Xeon Scalable CPU
240 GB RAM
Persistent disks with additional costs
32 Gbps
**Automating the Provisioning of Kubernetes Cluster on Bare Metal Servers in Public Cloud**
Learn how to leverage the BMC API to automate the provisioning of Kubernetes cluster and WordPress application on Bare Metal Cloud. Download our FREEpaper with an example in Python code today!
phoenixNAP has worked with technology industry leaders to provide you with access to tools and solutions that enable you to build a powerful platform tailored to your needs. The diversity of APIs available allow for a high degree of customization, while keeping your platform cost at an optimum level

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