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= Dedicated Server Hosting =
== Get the Highest Level of Performance and Security with Managed Dedicated Servers ==
Our fully customizable Dedicated Server Hosting provides real-time monitoring and a 100% Power & Network Uptime Guarantee

- US Central Servers (Michigan)
- US West Servers (Arizona)
- EU Netherlands (Amsterdam)
**Intel Xeon 1230v6** **Need More **We Specialize inCustom Solutions**

Our hosting advisors are standing by to help you find the ideal solution for your project

High Availability / High Performance
Disaster Preparedness
HIPAA/PCI Compliance
Complex Infrastructure Needs
Value Bundle
- 4 cores @ 3.9 GHz Max
~~16~~ 32 GB RAM
- 4 x 240 GB SSD Primary Storage Hardware RAID 10
- 1 x 2 TB SATA Backup Storage
- 8 TB Bandwidth
- Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System
- 500 GB Acronis Cyber Backups
- ServerSecurePlus for Linux
- cPanel Included
($2,628 Billed Up Front for 1 Year
- 12 Mo

- 6 Mo

- Monthly
Value Bundle
- 16 cores @ 2.9 GHz (3.9 Max Turbo)
~~32~~ 64 GB RAM
- 4 x 240 GB SSD Primary Storage Hardware RAID 10
- 1 x 2 TB SATA Backup Storage
- 10 TB Bandwidth
- Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System
- 1000 GB Acronis Cyber Backups
- ServerSecurePlus for Linux
- InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro*, or cPanel Premier 100*
- Linux
- Windows
Value Bundle
- 32 cores @ 2.9 GHz (3.9 Max Turbo)
~~64~~ 128 GB RAM
- 4 x 480 GB SSD Primary Storage Hardware RAID 10
- 1 x 2 TB SATA Backup Storage
- 15 TB Bandwidth
- Threat Stack Oversight Intrusion Detection System
- 1000 GB Acronis Cyber Backups
- ServerSecurePlus for Linux
- InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro*, or cPanel Premier 100*
- Linux
- Windows
*Additional charges apply for Plesk Web Pro and cPanel Premier 100
†Introductory offer pricing for the first term only. Plans renew at the normal monthly rate upon renewal. Offer available for new Liquid Web customers only

††Offer available for new Liquid Web customers with monthly pricing only; can not be combined with any other offer

 Need More Power & Performance? We Specialize in Custom Solutions. 
We’ll partner with your IT team to design a hosting solution specifically tailored to your business needs

- High availability hosting
- High performance hosting
- Hybrid hosting
- Server clusters
- Private cloud costing
- Public cloud hosting
- Disaster preparedness
- Compliance solutions
- Built-to-order solutions
**Managed Dedicated Server Solutions and Best-in-Class Support**
Liquid Web offers the best managed dedicated server solutions to support your business needs. Available with Linux or Windows operating systems, our dedicated servers come with Proactive Sonar Monitoring™ and ServerSecure hardening

We offer single- and dual-processor Dedicated Servers. Choose between self-managed, core-managed, and fully managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans depending on your business and support needs

Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, and helping you optimize performance: The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting® are available 24/7/365 to assist in finding the best dedicated server web hosting solutions that meet your needs

As a trusted Dedicated Server provider, Liquid Web continues to lead the way in customer loyalty and performance with an NPS score of 67

== How Liquid Web Dedicated Servers Stack Up ==
As of July 31st, 2020 Liquid Web Hostgator GoDaddy
|Uptime SLAs||10099.999.9%|
|24/7 On-site Support via Phone/Chat/Email|
|Built-in Backup Drives|
|Off Server Backups By Default|
|Root Level|
|Multi-level DDoS Protection|
|Term Required for Advertising Price|
|Fast SSD Storage|
|Starting at (monthly199/mo179/mo254/mo|
|Full Management20/mo10/mo130/mo|
|Dedicated Total Cost219/mo189/mo384/mo|
- Features
- Add-Ons
**Standard DDoS Protection**
Get real-time monitoring to mitigate threats and shield your website and server from sudden attacks

**Cloudflare CDN**
Speed up your website by serving site content from worldwide servers located close to your visitors

**Backup Drive**
All Liquid Web dedicated servers come standard with a secondary drive pre-installed to backup your critical data

**ServerSecure Advanced Security**
Optimize security settings with exclusive ServerSecure protection available for fully managed Windows and Linux dedicated servers

**InterWorx, Plesk, or cPanel Available**
Get centralized hosting management and system-level control for all of your websites and servers

**IPMI Access**
Monitor and manage your Linux or dedicated Windows server remotely without comprising access or security

**Root Access**
Take full control of your server with root-level access for complete management control of your server environment

**Dedicated IP Address**
Enhance security and the accessibility of your server with a dedicated IP address

**Business-grade SSD Storage**
Kick up the pace of server performance with solid-state drives to handle enterprise data storage

**100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs**
Uptime is critical, so we guarantee your dedicated server will have power and network access, or we’ll credit you 10x the downtime

 Available Operating Systems for Dedicated Servers 
With up-to-date tools, fine-grained controls, and refreshed life cycles, we offer our users the latest offerings for Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers

== Hear What Others are Saying About Our Dedicated Server Hosting ==
 Mark C. 
You don't come here to save money, you come here to sleep well at night! Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for

 Scott S. 
If you are looking for a web hosting company that is able to handle mission-critical needs of your business, these guys should be on your shortlist

 Rowland A. 
Liquid Web has fast servers and faster service - the first hosting company I've used where after years, I have no desire to switch

 Ready to Get Started with Dedicated Server Web Hosting? 
If you’re not quite sure where to start, or you have questions about our Dedicated Hosting services, speak with a Managed Dedicated Hosting Advisor now

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