We pride ourselves on incredibly responsive support, 24x7. Chat to us via live chat, phone and ticket and we'll respond in minutes, not hours. In fact, if ever we don't respond to a support ticket within the hour, we'll credit you to say sorry. Why do we do this? As good incentive to make sure it never happens. We're serious about uptime. When you take a fully managed server, we not only take care of server setup and security, but we monitor, maintain and resolve issues completely proactively. Your server gets the same love and attention that our own shared servers do (and if you check our independently monitored Pingdom stats, you'll see we really mean it. We give some tasty discounts for those customers who want to pre-pay for longer periods. But we want you to stay because you love us, not because you're contracted to. If you decide you need to leave before your term expires, let us know and we'll simply deduct any discount originally applied and refund the balance

Green through and through. As ephemeral as it all seems, it's easy to forget the real-world mechanics that go into keeping the Internet running. The equipment and servers behind the scenes make the internet acarbon emitting monster. With Kualo, you can rest assured that your slice of the net will be 100% powered by renewable energy. What's more, we are committed to being a climate positive workforce. We plant trees and invest in certified carbon offsetting projects to ensure we remove more carbon than we consume. We are also committed to "paying back" the carbon we have consumed since we were founded, so that we may truly become carbon negative. Read About Green Hosting

Our fully managed service level, included in the above pricing, gives you total peace of mind. With full monitoring, proactive issue resolution, unlimited system administration and much more besides, you can focus on your business, not your hosting. While we impose no minimum term on our Fully Managed service, downgrades from Fully Managed to Basic Managed or Unmanaged will incur a one time fee of $150 to cover the system administration time involved in this process. If you're on our Fully Managed service level, there are no additional charges for the majority of system administration tasks, except where the work is of a non-standard nature. For customers on our Basic Managed level, charges will always apply when we have to have a system administrator perform work on your server, but will be at reduced rates compared to the regular unmanaged server charge. Our Fully Managed service level goes far beyond what is included at the vast majority of 'managed' server providers, for an incredibly low fee. Basic Assistance in Connecting to the Server

How soon can my server be ready? Some servers will be ready within a few hours of you placing the order providing we have stock of the specification requested. If customizations are required to the spec, or if we have recently run out of stock, then there may be a lead time of a few days. We will confirm any lead time with you in your quotation. Bargainservers are always in stock, providing no major changes are required we can typically set these servers up within a few hours of receiving your payment. How much do your servers cost? We very much prefer a hands on model when it comes to designing suitable server specifications, and for this reason we deliberately don't list pricing on our web site. When you submit a quote request we'll ask you about what you're intending to use the server for - we can then design a server specification that meets the requirements of your project. Our bargainserver pricing is published online, you can access this by clicking the 'Bargainlink beneath the regular server plans. As standard on our managed cPanel servers, we use the CentOS operating system. CloudLinux is also available if preferable, for additional fees. Do you offer servers without cPanel? Yes. Most of our customers use cPanel, but we also offer servers without cPanel for individual requirements or more complex needs. Click here to learn more. I don't know which management level I need! All our cPanel servers come with basic management. Basic management takes care of the core essentials of managing the server, but we're not as hands on as with our fully managed service. To make the most of a Basic managed server, you may need to either be willing to learn a little about managing a Linux server, or you may need to pay for us to do some occasional work from time to time. We'd recommend looking over the management comparison table and reviewing the system administration charge sheet, accessible by clicking the button beneath the table. If you've never managed a Linux server before and don't have any inclination to, we'd recommend our Fully Managed service level. If you're looking for a fully unmanaged server without cPanel or management, or with a custom operating system, we can also supply these. Can I get root access and full management? Our fully managed servers come without root access because we can then control the entire management of the server and guarantee to provide unlimited system administration hours. If you have root access, it may be possible for you to make an error which results in irreparable damage that could take hours to resolve, or manage the server in a way that may cause frequent overloads or issues that wouldn't occur where we have full control. For this reason, where customers have root access, any advanced system administration has to be chargeable and cannot come all inclusive. How many IPs do I get? You'll receive 1 IP per server. You can request additional IPs by submitting usage justification. Yes, we can build servers to virtually any specification. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll provide you with a quotation. Do you guarantee to replace faulty hardware? Yes, we guarantee to replace any faulty hardware within two hours. We keep stock of all hardware components and typically replace faults much quicker. We additionally keep stock of standby servers in the event that the fault is difficult to diagnose - your drives may be able to be moved into a standby server. Yes, we can offer load balancing as part of our Complex Managed Hosting service. Ditto. We can provide active-passive or active-active database replication. Can I connect my servers to a LAN? Yes, we can connect your server to an private local area network, with speeds of up to 10 Gigabit. This is usually done as part of our Complex Managed Hosting service but can be provided for any server. How much data transfer is included? What port speed are servers connected at? 100Mbit as standard, which is adequate for 99% of use cases. If you require a higher port speed, this can be made available at extra charge - contact us for details.