== Save USD 1,000 ==
Get USD 1,000 in credits to use toward any of your new VPC resources – including all compute, network, and storage components

== Overview ==
 Launch bare metal on IBM Cloud® VPC Infrastructure 
Deploy from a software-defined cloud across multi-zone regions in 10 minutes or less. Expand capacity of modern apps with elastic provisioning and de-provisioning. Launch fast enterprise solutions for VMware, Red Hat, and SAP with preset profiles featuring Intel Xeon Processors for heavy memory and compute needs. Get the full suite of IBM Cloud VPC networking benefits and 4x faster networking throughput (up to 100 Gbps). Pay as you go, by the hour

== IBM Cloud VPC ==
Dedicated, no-hypervisor, bare metal servers on software-defined cloud you control
== Intel® Xeon® 8260 ==
Compute: cx2-metal-96x192
96 vCPUs
192 GB RAM
100 Gbps bandwidth
1 x 960 GB local disk
No-hypervisor, single-tenant servers with VMware, SAP, Red Hat, and Ubuntu options on a software-defined cloud you control

== Intel® Xeon® 8260 ==
Balanced: bx2d-metal-96x384
96 vCPUs
384 GB RAM
100 Gbps bandwidth
1 x 960 GB, 8 x 3200 GB local disk
== Intel® Xeon® 8260 ==
Balanced: bx2-metal-192x768
192 vCPUs
768 GB RAM
100 Gbps bandwidth
1 x 960 GB local disk
== Benefits ==
 High availability for sensitive account data 
Deploy bare metal server to multizone regions and use floating IPs

 Flexible web apps across retail 
Get maximum elasticity for dynamic and unpredictable environments

 Network-critical financial transactions 
Help ensure network consistency — ideal for I/O heavy account-based transactions

 Migrate and modernize VMware workloads 
Retain existing tools and upgrade applications with containers, Kubernetes or Red Hat® OpenShift®

 Upgrade to VMware NSX-T 
Control your IP space on 100 Gbps. Extend across cloud and on premises

 Guaranteed single-tenancy for SAP workloads 
Get the security, control, and power you need for your SAP operations on a true bare metal server

I selected IBM Cloud VPC because of 5 points that I thought and was proven correct based on my experience using the service. First is security. Secondly is agility. The third is isolation. Fourth is the high performance. Fifth, and last, is the scalability

**Ivo Draginov **
== Customization options ==
== Configuration features for bare metal servers on IBM Cloud VPC ==
- 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8260 CPUs
- 10-minute rapid provisioning
- Multiple SAP and VMware-certified solutions
- 100 Gbps uplinks with SmartNIC technology
- Security groups and network access control lists (ACLs)
- Create multiple privatein multizone regions (MZRs)
- Available in preset compute, balanced and memory profiles
- All NVMe-based secondary storage: 16x JBOD 3.2 TB NVMeu.2 local options
**OS and image options**
- VMware ESXi 7.0; RHEL 8.4; Ubuntu 18,20; Debian 11; Windows 2016, 2019, and 2022
- Coming soon – Custom Images
**Location options**
- US-SOUTH (Dallas), US-EAST (Washington DC), and EU-DE (Frankfurt)
== Pay-as-you-use pricing ==
== Hourly bare metal ==
Hourly dedicated, bare metal servers on IBM Cloud VPC Infrastructure are rapidly provisioned and ready in 10 minutes or less. Pay-as-you-use bandwidth per gigabyte. Billing charges accrue from provision to cancellation. Total pricing includes bare metal server instances and software, internet data transfers and optional VPC services. Each additional component is priced separately

== VPC features ==
 Network details 
 IBM Cloud VPC Infrastructure 
Virtualize in minutes with fully dedicated bare metal server hardware resources

 SmartNIC technology 
Get 4x faster network throughput up to 100 Gbps

 Network orchestration 
An isolated, network orchestration layer eliminates the pod boundary

 Seamless connectivity 
Establish internal or external private network connections

 Compute details 
 Compute services on IBM Cloud 
Each profile has pre-set configurations of vCPU, memory, storage and bandwidth to choose from, so you can quickly spin up capacity that suits your workload demands

 Compute profiles 
Ideal for CPU-intensive demands with moderate-to-high web traffic, such as production batch processing and front-end web servers

 Balanced profiles 
Ideal for midsize databases and common cloud applications with moderate traffic

 Memory profiles 
Ideal for RAM-intensive demands, such as large memory caching, in-memory analytics workloads and intensive database applications

 Storage details 
 Storage details 
Explore block and file storage options available from IBM Bare Metal Servers, and if you need extra storage, IBM makes it easy

 All secondary NVMe storage 
Add a secondary, local NVMe drive (JBOD 3.2TB NVMe u.2)

 File storage 
Specify an IOP tier to help avoid bottlenecks

 Boot storage 
Implement local disk boot storage on redundant solid-state drives (SSDs)

 Security details 
 Security details 
Help optimize your performance under single tenancy with security-rich features

 Inherent protection 
Employ highly available private virtual networks with security-rich capabilities integrated into the compute, storage and subnet levels

 Security groups 
Control traffic for one or more bare metal servers with a collection of rules that act as your own virtual firewall

Attach a floating IP so nothing in the connection path forces a decryption to your bare metal server

== Get started ==
Build your IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server for VPC and get the advanced performance and network features you need.