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Thanks for reading MSP

Most client files have been moved to SharePoint/Intune/AzureAD. We have about five bare metal servers located in various client offices. These servers run LOB apps such as: Sage for one client, Time Matters for another, etc

Just wanted the highest recommendation from everyone to see what they have used to put their clients servers in the cloud (not local virtualization). I know there are AWS/Azure options - but just wanted to see if there are some hidden gems out there that are recommended

Our clients are used to the fast local access of these programs running on their PC's in the office so that would probably be the biggest issue - if an issue at all with what anyone recommends

Thank you!

You can move your physical machines to cloud using Starwinds V2V. It supports both Azure and AWS. httpswww.starwindsoftware.com/starwind-v2v-converter
As mentioned, not everything needs to be migrated to cloud. I would recommend you to understand approximate costs of running your services in the cloud

P2V is a nice option. Here is the list of converters that may help. httpswww.hyper-v.io/migrating-cloud-easy-experience-choosing-p2v-converters/
I would also mention that backup software can be used. Just backup and restore in the needed place

Assuming sage works ok if you put in the cloud and put cloud desktops to access it right next to it? That's about all i have left as a plan for sage and QB desktop users. Tired of supporting vpn in and a server and 2 computers per user just for that, or quoting setting up a RDS solution for 2-3 people to access accounting info

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