== Overview ==
You can now customize and deploy IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for any workload requirement on the IBM Cloud® infrastructure of your choice. Both deployments are 100% dedicated to your single-tenancy use, with built-in security benefits and complete control over your computing resources

 IBM Cloud Classic infrastructure 
Choose on-demand hourly, monthly and reserved 1-year and 3-year contracts at lower prices. Customize your bare metal server with over 11 million different configuration combinations to better suit your budget requirements and get 20 TB of cost-free bandwidth

 IBM Cloud VPC infrastructure 
Hourly bare metal servers ready in 10 minutes or less, with pay-as-you-use bandwidth per gigabyte. Your billing charges accrue from provision to cancellation and are billed in arrears. Total pricing includes bare metal server instances and software, internet data transfers and optional VPC services

== Save USD 1,000 ==
Get USD 1,000 in credits to use toward your new IBM VPC resources, including servers, storage and load balancers.