== Oracle-certified IBM Bare Metal Servers ==
== Modernize your Oracle workloads and leave the rest to us ==
It’s time to upgrade your Oracle operations and bring your own Oracle licenses to IBM for significantly improved redundancy and less infrastructure hassles overall. IBM Bare Metal Servers for Oracle workloads are true, raw-performance, no-hypervisor, single-tenant bare metal servers. When you bring your Oracle workloads to IBM, your resources are hosted and managed by IBM on IBM’s private global network — and feature the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processors for advanced core and memory demands

== Choose your server ==
Provision an on-demand IBM Bare Metal Server for Oracle workloads

== Why IBM ==
== Run your Oracle workloads on industry-leading infrastructure ==
 100% true bare metal 
Gaining direct access to single-tenant server resources and hardware-level performance provides control and security

 Modern networking with global data centers 
Get local access, low latency and certified security network design, with varied choices for where and how your data runs

 Bandwidth perks 
20 TB of free bandwidth comes with your bare metal server*

 Convenient billing options 
Choose the billing cycle that works for you, with 1-month, 1-year or 3-year contract terms available

 Freedom from vendor lock-in 
Choose your tools; integrate with providers and partners at your convenience

 Always the latest Intel technology 
Intel Xeon CPU power with the industry’s highest DRAM density and latest NVMe Tier-1 storage

== How it works ==
All OEM servers and hardware are certified to run Oracle Linux and Virtualization and Oracle Hardware Certification List (HCL) compliant. IBM runs all end-to-end IaaS management while you control your OS, updates and licensing

 Step 1 – Create your IBM account 
Once you create your IBM account, you get instant access to the IBM catalog, where you can configure, price and quote your bare metal server for Oracle workloads

 Step 2 – Choose your server 
Choose your “No OS,” Oracle-certified bare metal server configuration from the IBM catalog. Choose your data center, billing, added NVMe storage and more

 Step 3 – Connect and install licenses 
After VPN connection, you’ll connect to the IPMI of your new server, where you’ll be able to mount your ISO and begin installing Oracle, using your own licenses

== Frequently asked questions ==
Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about this product

 How do bare metal servers for Oracle workloads work with IBM? 
IBM provides end-to-end infrastructure management for your Oracle workloads with bare metal servers and OEM hardware that are Oracle-certified hardware. You leverage your on-premises licensing, existing tools and system integrators

 How are billing, support and SLA managed for these bare metal servers? 
Billing, support and SLA for your bare metal server for Oracle workloads are provided by IBM

 How does pricing work for these bare metal servers? 
Pricing for IBM Bare Metal Servers for Oracle workloads is available in monthly and reserved 1-year and 3-year contract-term options, which vary by configuration and region

 What are the basic benefits of using a bare metal server? 
The primary benefits of bare metal servers hosted by an off-premises provider are based on the access that users have to hardware resources, including enhanced physical isolation, which offers security and regulatory benefits, greater processing power, complete control of the software stack, more consistent disk and network I/O performance, greater quality of service (QoS) by eliminating the “noisy neighbor” phenomenon, and imaging capabilities for creating a seamless experience when moving and scaling workloads

== Get started ==
Start using IBM Bare Metal Servers for Oracle workloads today. Sign in to your existing account, or create one today and receive USD 200 in free credits instantly

== Footnote ==
*20 TB of cost-free bandwidth included in US, Canada and EU IBM Cloud Data Centers for bare metal servers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other IBM Cloud Data Centers. New prices and offers may not be combined with any other current or future discounts.