Self-service, remote installation of Windows, CentOS, ESXi and Ubuntu on real servers turns your data centre into a bare metal cloud. Metal-As-A-Service (MAAS) provisioning with Windows, ESXi, Linux. Bare metal cloud with on-demand servers. Remote edge cluster operations. Infrastructure monitoring and discovery. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SALT, Juju integration. Super fast install from scratch. VMWare ESXi, Windows, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu. Custom images with pre-installed apps. Disk and network configuration. API-driven DHCP, DNS, PXE, IPAM. REST API for provisioning. LDAP user authentication. Role-based access control (RBAC). Hardware testing and commissioning. MAAS delivers the fastest OS installation times in the industry thanks to its optimised image-based installer. Works on all certified servers from any major vendor. Discovers servers in racks, chassis and data centre networks. Supports major system BMCs and chassis controllers.