All hosting plans come with the industries best money-back guarantee

## Included in All Managed Dedicated Server Plans
 Free cPanel License & WHM
 Free Website Transfers
Exclusive Launch Assist service with sysadmin level support on cPanel managed servers

 Tier 1 Network
Dedicated connectivity that is predictable, reliable and consistent

 Linux Experts
The best Dedicated Server system administrators working for you 24/7

 Multi-Layer Defense
Get next-generation security integral to your company's security

 Free SSL Certificate
Free SSL certificates offer 2048-bit encryption which provides security to you and your customers

 Dedicated Managed Hosting
Improve visibility and focus on your business growth while we manage your updates, usage and more

 Rebootless Upgrades
On-the-fly upgrades done with minimal downtime

 Backup Manager
An automated off-server storage unit for your extra data

 Custom Firewall
Commercial-grade security solutions designed to protect public-facing applications from cyberattacks

 Uptime Solutions
Dedicated clusters, backups, and more. We maximize your uptime with 24/7 server monitoring

 Easy One-Click Installs
Softaculous conveniently automates open source web applications like WordPress

## Compare Dedicated Hosting Services
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Managed Dedicated Server
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Bare Metal Server
|Primary Features|
|cPanel and WHM
|Free Site Migration
|Full Root Access||Available|
|Manage Email, Database, and Domain Settings with cPanel
|Automatic Backups
|OS Choices
|24/7/365 Tech Support||Break/Fix Only|
|Free Ansible Control Node
## Backup Manager on Dedicated Hosting
Rest easy knowing your data is protected by Backup Manager, included on all managed Dedicated Server plans. Backup Manager is an off-server backup/recovery service that can be automated to save your data at critical points. You can “set it and forget” with our exclusive plugin for cPanel. With Backup Manager you will have the ability to generate and restore full, partial, or individual file backups without having to contact a Support Agent. Less time on the phone, more time creating the next best thing

- Included free on all Managed Dedicated Servers
- Easy setup & maintenance
- Schedule offsite backups for convenient times
- Quick file recovery and restoration
## Customize Your Dedicated Hosting Experience
 Enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance

Trust in the performance of a dedicated server fleet that is scalable beyond compare. Our linux dedicated server hosting, combined with an advanced hardware and networking infrastructure, provides a scalable dedicated web hosting platform that maintains the highest availability for your website or application. As the demand for your business grows, we can deliver the computing power you need to keep everything running smoothly

It’s not just about your website - it’s about the network too. Break the speed barrier with a network that uses both Edge and Core routing to increase speed and redundancy. Your server thrives on enterprise routers in a highly-secure environment, providing up to 3 times the speed you need. Partnered with enterprise-level network security, Corero, DDoS attacks don’t stand a chance

 Highest Grade Commercial Security
Our managed dedicated server hosting comes equipped with Auto-Updates and Corero DDoS protection to further protect from attacks and malware. InMotion dedicated hosting uses commercial-grade hardware capable of defending internet-facing applications from vicious cyberattacks, minimizing vulnerabilities by 98% - working 20 times faster than other DDoS solutions. Our dedicated hosting services use commercial-grade hardware and physical resources capable of defending internet-facing applications from vicious cyberattacks

 Fully Customizable High-Performance Dedicated Servers
Trust in an experienced hosting company for a customized server solution. Whether you are a creative agency or a large enterprise, an InMotion Hosting dedicated server can meet your business needs. Chat with a custom server expert for a free consultation. They will determine the ideal server setup and help you buy a dedicated server today!
Customize the best enterprise solution for your needs based on budget, performance requirements, operating systems, storage requirements, and RAM options. Custom server options consist of:
- RAM - Up to 1TB
- Primary Drive - Up to 50TBs
- Secondary Drive - Up to 4TBs
- Bandwidth - 1Gbps Unmetered
- Backup Manager - Up to 2TB

## Build Your Custom Dedicated Server, From the Ground Up
Build a managed dedicated server to handle your specific tasks, with up to 1TB and 50TB of storage. Combine it with another server for load balancing and a smoother workflow. The result is a cohesive dedicated server cluster with optimal performance

See how custom hardware can deliver confidence and stability to your operations. Let us help you create the best dedicated hosting solution for your budget

## Custom Configurations for Your Dedicated Server

Our in-house custom-built infrastructure, UltraStack, is powered by the next generation of server technology. This unique hardware and software configuration is optimized for both speed and reliability, keeping your business online 24/7. No matter your business size, InMotion Hosting UltraStack can handle intensive data workloads, demanding applications, and high-traffic websites

At InMotion Hosting, your valuable data is always safe and your website is always online. With a fully redundant and climate-controlled infrastructure, we ensure your website and business are available to your customers 24/7. We are connected to four Tier 1 Internet service providers (ISP) and our data centers sit directly on the Los Angeles and Washington D.C. IXPs. Our unique location on the IXP and 24/7/365 technical support is why clients all over the world choose to host with us

We are also committed to responsible, eco-friendly policies. Since 2010, we’ve made large strides improving our carbon footprint at our data centers and we are the first-ever Green Data Center in Los Angeles

We understand that finding the right Dedicated Server can be complicated. Our in-house tech experts help you discover the details you will need to build the server that is right for you. Httpd.conf, php.ini, and my.cnf, we fine-tune your software and can evaluate your physical hardware needs. Our dedicated hosting experts are here to guide you every step of the way

Get the best dedicated server solution for your budget and business from the industry experts

## Dedicated Server Specifications
- $139.99/mo
- $149.99/mo
- $154.99/mo
- $159.99/mo
- $189.99/mo
- $209.99/mo
- $219.99/mo
- $229.99/mo
- $259.99/mo
- $279.99/mo
- $289.99/mo
- $299.99/mo
- $439.99/mo
- $469.99/mo
- $474.99/mo
- $479.99/mo
- $539.99/mo
- $569.99/mo
- $584.99/mo
- $599.99/mo
- Free Setup
- Softaculous - Optional - $5/mo
- cPanel & WHM Available [cPanel demo]
- Remote KVM Available
- Free SSDs
- Free SSL Certificate
- Cisco ASA 5506 Hardware Firewall Available
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| |
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Build Your Own
|Primary Features|
|Intel® CPU Specs||Xeon® E3-1246 v3||Xeon® E-2134||Xeon® E-2136||Xeon® Silver 4214||Dual Xeon® Silver 4214||Dual Xeon® Silver 4214|
|Cores/Threads||4C / 8T||4C / 8T||6C / 12T||12C/24T||24C/48T||24C/48T|
|RAM Included||16GB DDR3||32GB DDR4||64GB DDR4||128GB ECC DDR4||192GB ECC DDR4||up to 1TB|
|Disk Space||1TB SSD Primary||2TB SSD Primary||2x1TB SSD RAID||2x1TB NVMe SSD m.2||2x2TB NVMe SSD m.2||up to 50TB|
|RAID TechnologySoftware RAID||Software RAID||Software RAID||Software RAID|
|1Gbps Uplink||Unmetered||Unmetered||Unmetered||Unmetered||Unmetered||Unmetered|
|Clock Speed||3.50GHz||3.50GHz Turbo||3.30GHz Turbo||3.20GHz Turbo||3.20GHz Turbo||3.2GHz|
|CPU Cache||8MB||8MB||8MB||11MB L3||11MB L3||11MB L3|

|Front Side Bus/Intel® QPI||5.0 GT/s||8.0 GT/s||8.0 GT/s||8.0 GT/s||8.0 GT/s||8.0 GT/s|
|FREE Launch Assist||2 Hours||2 Hours||2 Hours||4 Hours||4 Hours||4 Hours|
|Dedicated IP Addresses||5||10||15||15||15||15|
|Free Backup Storage||50GB||50GB||50GB||100GB||100GB||100GB|
|Included in All Plans|
| |
For Your Added Convenience
Performance to Suit Your Needs
Keeping You Secure
## Free Website Migration for all Managed Dedicated Servers
Every new dedicated hosting subscription comes with our exclusive Launch Assist service. This site migration service is provided to dedicated server customers free of charge. Connect with our team of Managed Hosting experts to learn more about getting your website migrated to a new fully managed dedicated server

Prior to migrating your site, it is important to check that all of your data is properly backed up and ready for migration. We like to call this a “pre-flight check”. Learn more on how to ensure you will have a seamless experience when migrating your site

Want to transfer your website yourself? Download our free Migration eBook to get step-by-step instructions. This valuable resource is your guide to a successful website transfer

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"Our top-level dedicated server hosting gives your business the network infrastructure the performance, security, and speed your customers expect."
"Our top-level dedicated server hosting gives your business the network infrastructure the performance, security, and speed your customers expect."Markus A., Customer Service

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