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Get started with Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) in minutes to provide a familiar, high-performance digital workspace experience to your users. We’ll manage the infrastructure and security. You focus on your business

Citrix DaaS lets you provide a secure workspace experience on any device. It’s all the cost benefits of a managed DaaS solution, plus the added advantages of greater IT agility, better corporate security, and more end-user productivity

**Improve your security posture**
Choose from a wide range of security features to protect unmanaged endpoints, set granular controls, record user sessions, and more

**Boost productivity with optimization technologies**
Deliver an exceptional experience, even when bandwidth is low, with targeted optimizations for unified communications tools and 3D apps

**Maximize your partnerships**
Store workloads in any cloud you want, from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud Platform, and manage them right alongside any on-premises resources

**Detect and prevent issues**
Put security and user behavior analytics to work with automated policy controls to prevent security breaches and keep apps performing fast

**Optimize each aspect**
Accelerate logins, improve server scalability, and enhance app response times. All with one lightweight user environment management solution

Citrix customers save
98 per user, per year by adopting an all-in-one DaaS solution
Support secure, flexible work in times of disruption
Build a better business continuity plan with easy-to-scale workspace solutions
Deploy secure DaaS resources from the cloud
Simplify virtual app and desktop delivery with proven DaaS solutions
Software and services vendor accelerates its digital transformation
Autodesk is on a mission to let remote employees work on any device, from any location, over any network. See how Citrix helps the firm transition quickly and easily

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**We are truly stitching together the public cloud infrastructure and Citrix Cloud as the management plane so we can spin up virtual desktop and app instances wherever employees are working **Prakash Kota**
**Citrix DaaS Standard** 10**
Pay as you go monthly subscription
Managed DaaS solution for Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud

Add at any time from within your cloud provider's marketplace

**Citrix DaaS Advanced Plus** 13**

*Per user, per month
Add DaaS to your current environment to manage cloud desktops alongside on-premises workloads

Ideal for organizations that need more IT flexibility

**Citrix DaaS Premium** 20**
*Per user, per month
Includes all Citrix DaaS Advanced Plus features, as well as:
**Citrix DaaS Premium Plus** 23**
*Per user, per month
Includes all Citrix DaaS Premium features plus:
*USD MSRP monthly average per user for 500 users with a 1-year subscription. Actual pricing may vary. Citrix DaaS licensing options start at 25 users

Citrix Analytics for Performance
Quantify user experience and uncover the health of your environment
Citrix Analytics for Security
Proactively detect and prevent security breaches with holistic visibility
Citrix Secure Private Access
Deliver zero trust network access to all IT-sanctioned apps without a VPN

Citrix App Delivery and Security Service
Ensure exceptional, secure app experiences with the world’s first intent-based application delivery and security cloud service
Citrix Remote Browser Isolation (formerly Citrix Secure Browser)
Keep your data safe from browser-based attacks without limiting access
With Citrix, it's easy to deliver secure application access to everyone at your organization.