# OVH Dedicated hosting

Hello, I have recently looked at OVH's dedicated hosting plans

I would like to know how well a minecraft server can run on the KS series' Core i3 2130. I would like to upgrade to a server that has an E3 or better but I don't want to fork out 90$ a month quite yet

You may be interested in the responses to my recent thread

My final decision was to wait until I can afford $90/month instead of starting with one of the lower options

I have a couple hundered bucks in PayPal already but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money yet

My server is 30 slots, I run Spigot and 30 plugins. My machine also hosts my website with dynmap and mysql. I have Spigot set at vanilla growth/decay rates, use built-in orebfuscator, and have view-distance at 10

I'm running on the KS1, and my CPU very rarely hits more than 60% on any one thread. I've never seen TPS drop below 18.5, and probably 99+% of the time ithappily at 20. I often have close to 30/30 at peak times, and CPU-wise, it has never flinched. I'm sure it could handle up to 50 and very possibly more before you started to see the CPU struggle, and you could probably squeeze 100 concurrent players out of it if you turned view-distance down to around 3-4

I have found the bottleneck with this machine to be the disk I/O. I started getting I/O delay causing block lag around 20 concurrent players. This was fixed rather easily by putting my main world on a ramdisk, and I've had no problems since

As far as the network, I do get little lag spikes every now and then, maybe a few a day, but they are incredibly minor and people generally don't notice them unless they are actively mining. These servers do have a 5TB monthly bandwidth limit (after which you are throttled to 10Mbps I believe), but I usually use around 1TB of it, which includes a complete nightly offsite backup (~1.5GB), so that is really a non-issue for most servers that would run on this machine

EDIT: I just checked out of curiosity and I used less than 400GB of bandwidth in January, so yes, bandwidth is totally not an issue

I can't say anything for their support, since I've not yet needed them in the 3 months since I've been with OVH

Thanks for the detailed reply!
I am counting on spigot and it's now built in Orebfuscator which will reduce load a bit without the need of the plugin anymore. As for the ramdisk, I may get the 16GB version of the server since I can afford the extra 10 bucks if necessary

I do plan on running a webserver (xenForo site), mysql server and also about 30 plugins. I highly doubt bandwidth will ever be a concern

This is great information! I just switched to Spigot and I have notice a great performance increase and much less memory used. I am thinking I might be able to save a few bucks by downgrading

I also have OVH but have the E3 with SSD plan ($90/mo) and I found with dynmap and mysql running the SSD is very nice to have. I have 42 slots whitelisted and average 10 players at any given time. So its a bit overbut I have never had issues with tick lag. The 100mbit connection I have I do not want to give up. I am hosting with players from china, Australia, UK, Germany, Norway, sweden, netherlands, etc. and have heard little issue with latency

As for support, I have a few other machines with them, and have not really needed any support, but the couple questions I did have were quickly answered in great detail

OVH is well known in Europe for being one of the best providers, their new Montreal facility certainly seems to be holding to that standard from what I can tell. And at a very competitive price I have found

Could you possibly link me to a tutorial about running a server on RAMDISK? I'm a linux noob and it would be useful. Thanks :)
Currently running a server on the E3 and its wonderful. My only complaint is that im probably going to see if i can get an extra mechanical drive for storage, as the SSDs get filled fairly quickly by dynmap renders and map files. Id also like to say that, at least from the amount of research ive done and amount of hosts ive used in the past,not going to find a better deal for that level of hardware

I will note one thing: If you see yourself upgrading a single resource one day, don't bother with OVH. We asked them if we could get a RAM upgrade and they said we'd have to buy a whole new server

The kicker? We're running on one of the old plans with gigabit included, we'd have to downgrade to 100Mbit on their new plan or pay £100/100mbit or whatever it is extra

Thanks for the notice, I think 8GB will be enough for now

Using OVH's SP3 dedicated server here. For $90/month, it's a pretty sweet deal. And I thought 12GB RAM, an E3, and HDDs for $100/month was a steal from my previous host

It runs great, includes 4 IPs for free, I can use my own Windows license, and the support is good. I've only run into two issues so far, once during an OS install, and a network issue (not on their end, but they got it taken care of anyhow). Both resolved in a reasonable time frame, and hold times are non-existent considering they only support the hardware/network (since they're not a managed hosting provider)

If you have any questions about their service, I'd be happy to answer, but it's like most others; once you get it set up and running, you'll likely never have to contact them

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