Why pay for fixed game slots while you can have it all. Our game servers are designed for performance

Why pay for fixed game slots while you can have it all. Our game servers are designed for performance

Minecraft server comes online within 5 minutes of placing an order. You'll immediately receive an email with link to the game panel

Will always keep your data safe as you can setup automated backups to the Amazon aws s3 cloud storage. And download the backups anytime you want. Now data loss will be a thing of the past

Our file manager has been improved with a one click SFTP launch button. All you need is installing an sftp client like WinSCP and Filezilla
With this and more features means we give you complete control of your server. Does this make you excited as we are?
XgamingServer engineers analysed how the most popular online games worked like Terraria, Minecraft, Team Fortress they studied and identified the vulnerabilities of different applications, and the different attack strategies. and developed the best protection against DDoS attacks

The Servers used for Minecraft are high performance and availability Machines that ensure you enjoy your Minecraft multiplayer experience to the fullest

Our Minecraft hosting servers are monitored to ensure any system failure is reported as soon as possible. And with the support team ready to answer your tickets

First you need to know Minecraft utilizes two CPU threads. One is the main game thread and the other is the networking thread. A thread can use about 100% CPU. We advise people start out with the 100% CPU Deal.

This thread does most of the core stuff in the game, including handling all the addons. This will normally be working the hardest of the two. It's common for this thread to be sitting at around ~60% CPU on busy servers

The networking thread normally uses up about ~15% on a busy server, but if you leverage it correctly it will work pretty hard. To really take advantage of this thread you need a map properly setup with area portals (PVS)

Ping is the delay for a round trip between your game client and your Minecraft server, measured in milliseconds
Ideally the lower the ping the better the game experience you'll have, as there will be less latency and less lag

Our Minecraft servers boast very lower pings for your better experience
At Xgamingserver we proud ourselves in selling dedicated server resources rather than game slots. Once you order our game server you can add as many players as the resources can handle. Want all your 255 friends to join your server? Knock yourself out but this will impact your gameplay so if you have a team of many players then upgrade to Minecraft Rookie or Pro Servers
Our Minecraft servers are secured with state of the art DDOss Protection. this is because the online gaming and esports sector are prone to Most DDOS attacks, therefore is essential that our servers be constantly protected against these frequent massive threats

As detailed in the guide. It's a Walk in the park

Yes, most people like to customize their Minecraft game by installing mods and at Xgmaingserver, we make it as easy for you

Our Minecraft server are located in Europe and Canada at the moment and we hope to expand to more locations in the next coming months. Server location affects your ping and lag so it is always advisable to rent Minecraft server that are closest to you

Our control panel is custom built and is optimized for the games we host. Unlike most game hosting companies that use clunky generic control panel for all games

Here's a snapshot for the panel. We know Its fancy
At XgmaingServer we value our customers and we respond to your tickets ASAP

Our servers are hosted on high availability and performance servers

**We use the Intel i7 6700k/7700k Some of the fastest single-core CPUs on the market. high performance equals to better game experience

Our Minecraft server are hosted on a 250mBps network interface. this is sufficient for any game. as Minecraft game servers recorded at least 15mbps. If a game server exceeds the bandwith capacity of the network interface gameplay may be negatively affected

Zombie games never go out of fashion. And 7D2D is one of them. 7 Days toevents happen during aftermath of a nuclear Third World War that destroyed an extremely large part of the world, except for some areas such as the fictional county of Navezgane, Arizona. The player is a survivor of the war who must survive by finding shelter, food, and water, as well as scavenging supplies to fend off the numerous zombies. Though there is no real objective except surviving at this moment

That's precisely what the game is about surviving

Below are some of the factors to consider before renting a Dedicated Minecraft server host

This the sole point of getting a Dedicated Minecraft server in the first place. 7 Days tocan be hard and frustrating! Or what else do you expect it's a post-apocalyptic survival game. Therefore if you are a new 7D2D player you have to play the single-player and get the hang of it first before considering the multiplayer mode and renting a server. You get the hang of how to build a decent base, explore the map, and pick up some survival, crafting, and hunting strategies

you'd need to figure out the best tricks to use in order to survive. So that in case you playing with friends you won't be the laughing stock all the time

But once you’ve survived your first few challenges and you’ve got some good building ideas, multiplayer makes 7 Days toa lot more fun! So playing on a public server means you have no control of your stuff when you are offline. people can delete trash or even stealing your lot. so this factors in the need for renting a private Dedicated Minecraft server which you can share with friends and monitor who has access to what by setting rules and permissions

XgamingServer has made it easier to control that by creating a custom game server control panel
Before you rent a game server you have to consider the number of players that will join the game server. Most game hosting server providers sell game by game slots. more slots will cost you more money. But this is not the case with us. At Xgamingserver we sale dedicated resources for your game server. The video below would clearly explain our pricing model

So before you get a server hosting for your Dedicated Minecraft consider the number of players who will join the server you. you can check out our Dedicated Minecraft pricing here. With a 2 day free trial

Plain vanilla 7d2d can be boring. You would need a server hosting provider that will let you add mods to your server. I explained how you can install Dedicated Minecraft Mods to your server in our previous post

Not all game servers support mods! If you don’t want to restrict your server to Vanilla Dedicated Minecraft in the future, or you know you want to create a modded Dedicated Minecraft server, then you need to check that your potential server host supports mod installation

Some server control panels offer a one-click mod install system. If you’re sure you want the freedom of adding mods then this is the easiest option. You will be able to install addons from their built-in mod manager or take advantage of the range of mods available through the Steam Workshop. This generally means less messing around with the control panel and more game time. Some game server hosts support mods but you need to use FTP to install the mods yourself. Other companies offer a drop-down menu with a limited number of the most popular mods, like Starvation, Darkness Falls, and War of the Walkers. The ability to add mods sometimes comes at an extra cost

this is the time it takes to transmit a small data set from your computer to the server and back to your computer. Normally measured in milliseconds. The ping time is a very important indicator for online games. Therefore the location of the gaming servers plays a critical role in the fluidity of your gameplay. Lower pings means that yourDedicated Minecraft game will be smooth

At Xgamingserver we have tow server locations United states and in Europe. Those are our major client locations currently but we hope to expand to more locations in the next six months

Global Offensive (Minecraft) servers can run on consoles, PC, and Linux. At the moment console server gaming for 7dtd is limited so for the best experience we advise using PC gaming. Which supports both multiplayer: Survival (both randomly generated and standard) and Creative modes

So running Global Offensive (Minecraft) on a PC? Let's hook you up with server hosting and enjoy multiplayer with you Dedicated Minecraft community
This is an important factor when it comes to choosing your game server control panel. Most gaming server companies use the TCadmin or multicraft panels which are not customized. At Xgamingserver we've based our 7Global Offensive (Minecraft) game control panel on the Pterodactyl panel

Which the developers prioritize security, and the control panel includes password hashing, two-factor authentication, and HTTPS as standard. One of the most interesting design and security decisions made by the developers is Docker support. All game servers run in Docker containers, providing excellent control over resources, improved security, and environments tailored to the needs of each game

The online gaming and e-sports sector is one of the main targets of DDoS attacks. As a result, it is essential for hosting platforms to be permanently protected against these frequent, massive threats. So when choosing your game hosting provider for Global Offensive (Minecraft), It is important to ensure that their servers are protected for DDos attacks. At xgamingserver, all our servers are DDOS protected so you don't have to worry about that

Price is an important factor when selecting a game server. Expensive servers do not necessarily mean good performance. At Xgamingserver we sell game servers according to dedicated resources. You pay what you get

Good customer support is essential when choosing a host for your Dedicated Minecraft server. At some point, you're guaranteed to need to contact them with an issue of some kind. Before you sign up with them, it helps to know how responsive they are to customer inquiries. Check their website for contact options to make sure there is a contact method that suits you. In addition to the usual ticket system, do they offer chat services or email support? Maybe they have a Discord server you can join? You could even try contacting them to ask a few questions and judge their professionalism and response time before signing up

If you’re new to game server hosting, or you're not sure your potential host offers the services you need, it might be worthwhile asking them if they'll create a test server for you to trial. Hosts won't always advertise the possibility of a trial, but if you contact them you might be surprised by their willingness to provide a test service. If a trial isn't possible, you need to be clear on their refund policy (often called “money back guarantee”)

To sum up the factors to consider before you
1.Size of your Dedicated Minecraft Community or players

2.Ability to add mods to your Dedicated Minecraft server
3.Ping (latency)
4. Platform of Choice
5. Type of Game Control Panel
6. DDoS Protection
7. Price of the Dedicated Minecraft servers
8. Customer Support 9.Refund Policy
This are some of the random questions asked about (Minecraft) Gaming Servers

Once you place an order and complete payment, Minecraft server will be fired up and installed within minutes. You will then receive an email with our game panel login link and notifying you that your server is installed

So you'll just create a password to the panel and access your Minecraft server

Our costs for Minecraft servers are broken down as shown above from 15 to 35 dollars. Want anything custom just reach out

We constantly monitor our servers our team will be ready to intervene if your server becomes unavailable

Our Minecraft servers are rented for monthly cycles but you are free to cancel anytime you feel

Bored with Minecraft ? No worries we can switch your server to any other game server that we host

As we mentioned we don't sell slots but dedicated server resources. want more slots than our default game slots just hit us up and will sort you out

sure you can install mods to your Minecraft server. We'll be putting up a detailed guide on how you can install plugins and source mods on your servers.