The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” couldn’t be more true of the latest addition to the Backblaze partner network. Today, we announce a new partnership with Vultr—the largest privately-owned, global hyperscale cloud—to serve developers and businesses with infrastructure as a service that’s easier to use and lower cost than perhaps better known alternatives

With the Backblaze + Vultr combination, developers now have the ability to connect data stored in Backblaze B2 with virtualized cloud compute and bare metal resources in Vultr—providing a compelling alternative to Amazon S3 and EC2. Each Vultr compute instance includes a fixed amount of bandwidth, meaning that developers can easily transfer data between Vultr’s 17 global locations and Backblaze with
** no egress fees or other data transfer costs**

In addition to replacing AWS EC2, Vultr’s complete product line also offers load balancers and block storage which can seamlessly replace Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

With this partnership, developers of any size can avoid vendor lock-in, access best of breed services, and do more with the data they have stored in the cloud with ease, including:
- Running analysis on stored data

- Deploying applications and storing application data

- Transcoding media and provisioning origin storage for streaming and video on-demand applications

**Backblaze + Vultr: Better Together**
Vultr’s ease of use and comparatively low costs have motivated more than 1.3 million developers around the world to use its service. We recognized a shared culture in Vultr, which is why we’re looking forward to seeing what our joint customers can do with this partnership. Like Backblaze, Vultr was founded with minimal outside investment. Both services are transparent, affordable, simple to start without having to talk to sales (although sales support is only a call or email away), and, above all, easy. Vultr is on a mission to simplify deployment of cloud infrastructure, and Backblaze is on a mission to simplify cloud storage

Rather than trying to be everything for everyone, both businesses play to their strengths, and customers get the benefit of working with unconflicted partners

Vultr’s pricing often comes in at half the cost of the big three—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft—and with Vultr’s bundled egress, we’re working together to alleviate the burden of bandwidth costs, which can be disproportionately huge for small and medium-sized businesses

“The Backblaze-Vultr partnership means more developers can build the flexible tech stacks they want to build, without having to make needlessly tough choices between access and affordability,” said Shane Zide, VP of Global Partnerships at Vultr. “When two companies who focus on ease of use and price performance work together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”
**Fly Higher With Backblaze B2 + Vultr**
Existing Backblaze B2 customers now have unfettered access to compute resources with Vultr, and Vultr customers can connect to astonishingly easy cloud storage with Backblaze B2. If you’re not yet a B2 Cloud Storage customer, create an account to get started in minutes. If you’re already a B2 Cloud Storage customer, click here to activate an account with Vultr. For more information on putting the solution to work, this knowledge base article explains how to setup Vultr Compute with Backblaze B2

For developers looking to do more with their data, we welcome you to join the flock. Get started with Backblaze B2 and Vultr today.