With a managed server, you ensure 100% performance from hard disk, CPU and RAM. Benefit from the latest server hardware from leading brand manufacturers at permanently low prices. We take over the administration of your Linux-based managed web server. So you can concentrate fully on your business .Since 2007, STRATO has been a reliable partner in web hosting of managed servers.All STRATO servers are developed in Germany and individually custom-made.So you benefit from complete control over the product quality.With the administration service, the most modern hardware is always available to you and you you do not have to worry about setting up, operating and maintaining your managed server. The most important functions of your managed web server at a glance:

 With the managed servers from STRATO, you make the most important settings with just a few clicks. You also have the option of accessing your server directly via SSH. The most important functions of your managed web server at a glance: All STRATO servers are equipped with reliable server hardware and designed for continuous operation. Should a defect occur in a hardware component, your hardware will be automatically replaced by the service technicians. With your new STRATO Managed Server you already have numerous server functions that are included free of charge you also have access to many professional extensions such as the gigabit uplink & traffic fair flat 10,000 - at reasonable prices. With your new STRATO Managed Server you already have numerous server functions that are included free of charge. You also have access to many professional extensions such as the gigabit uplink & traffic fair flat 10,000at low prices.The more professional the requirements for your server, the more data traffic increases.With the gigabit uplink you increase the connection of your server to 1,000 MBit/s.There are no costs for traffic.10 TB/month are included .If you consume more, there is a switch to 100 Mbit/s.So there are no bottlenecks when connecting the server.More information on the monitoring service

 More information about the available services Get informed if your server or individual services are no longer 100% available. This way you can react immediately. With a STRATO Managed Server you get 500 GB of flexible mail space. Allocate this 500 GB all over individually to one or more mailboxes - of course, subsequent adjustments are also possible at any time. You will receive detailed statistics about the consumption of the current and the last month. So you are always informed, can inform the data traffic of your server and, if necessary, react immediately to deviations from normal operation .With your STRATO Managed Server you get the excellent BackupControl Standard solution as a free inclusive feature.You can order additional storage space for your server at any time via the customer login.The STRATO data centers are among the most secure in the world.STRATO has voluntarily set itself the highest standards in terms of data protection and security Safety imposed - in addition to the strict legal requirements that already apply to the server location in Germany. From the hardware to data transmission, everything is designed for maximum protection and the highest possible availability independent TÜV certification confirmed (ISO 27001). More information on security at STRATO In addition to a large number of security measures such as different fire compartments and redundant power supply, the STRATO data centers are characterized by a direct connection to all important German Internet nodes. With STRATO you can be sure that that your data is not stored on random servers abroad. STRATO has two high-security data centers located in Germany. Your data is therefore protected by the German implementation of the European data protection laws (DSGVO), which are among the strictest worldwide STRATO has been one of the first companies in the hosting industry to be climate-neutral since 2021. The data centers have been operated with 100 percent green electricity since 2008. This means that STRATO remains a pioneer when it comes to environmental and climate protection balanced.In the next three years, we also want to gradually reduce our CO footprint - initially by twelve percent within three years.SSL certificates are used to encrypt data that is transported between the server and computer.All information transmitted is encrypted and protected from abuse.This not only increases security, but also the trust of your customers. Transactions are protected and you meet your GDPR obligations. Your Windows V server from STRATO already includes a single domain certificate!More information about the SSL certificates
 Ideal for your privately run website or blog
 Ideal for your privately operated website or blog. Also available as a flat rate for any number of domains
 Optimal for protecting your online trade and your company
 Optimal for protecting your online trade and your company
 Optimal for maximum security for your extensive business

 Ideal for maximum security for your extensive business In Germany's largest service ranking, STRATO received the gold medal in experienced customer service among 4,699 companies from a total of 389 industries. STRATO is also the No. 1 web hosting provider. Support all aroundUhr You can reach our 24/7 hotline (optional) at any time of the day or night. Our FAQs provide you with answers to the most important aspects of the server offer. What exactly is managed by STRATO? The STRATO Managed Servers are already for optimal Website performance preconfigured and all maintenance work, monitoring and updates of the operating system, functionality of the hardware and the installation of security patches are taken over by STRATO. In addition, the intuitive user interface in the server login makes it easy for you to use FTP accounts, e-mail mailboxes, Create databases and password-protected directories. Important PHP and server settings d be made directly in the STRATO server login. Why should I choose a managed server? The STRATO managed servers are real, dedicated servers that are looked after. With normal dedicated servers, the customer has full root rights and must take care of the server yourself. Security measures, updates, settings and the installation of server modules such as mail or database servers must be carried out yourself. Good specialist knowledge is a prerequisite so that no security gaps or other problems occur. All this work is carried out at a managed server directly from STRATO. This means that you do not have full root rights to the server and therefore do not have to worry about security measures, updates or other administrative things. Can I order additional domains for my server? For all STRATO server products, you can optionally order additional domains. You can order new domains, as well as existing domains to your server. The prices for additional domains depend on which domain is required. You can find further information at: Ordering a domain via the server login Do I have to take care of backups myself with the managed server? No, STRATO does that for you. An automatic backup is created daily for your managed server so that you can restore the previous status in an emergency. The previously automatically created backup is overwritten in each case. However, you have the option of ordering additional storage spaces Then mark them as "Permanent Backup" so they are not automatically deleted or overwritten.