**Managed Plesk **Dedicated Servers
Build, Manage and Run your web site, while we manage your server
## Fully Managed
**Plesk Dedicated Servers**
Solid performance, ease of use, and powerful features
The ultimate hosting platform. The Managed Plesk Obsidian dedicated server is the natural choice for the agency or budding host providing stunning performance, the superb Plesk Obsidian control panel in a managed solution

Superfast ultimate performance servers to provide your web applications and sites with the performance boost they need

We include the fantastic Plesk Obsidian control panel providing you with everything you need to manage your web sites and server

Manage WordPress sites with ease with the WordPress Toolkit, enabling you to make sure all of your WordPress sites and plug ins are up to date automatically

There's a great new staging environment for WordPress designers and developers. Clone your live WordPress site, develop and make changes in the staging environment and push that to live when you're ready

The built in backup tools let you create scheduled full and incremental backups ensuring that if you make a mistake you can roll back changes to your web site or database quickly and easily

For developers this also includes a code ready editor and GitHub or BitBucket integration, so you can deploy your code the way you are used to, and all of the features you need to swich ASP.NET versions, Node.JS and other languages such as PHP. You'll also be able to connect to IIS 10.x with IIS remote management

The premise is simple; We do what we do best - we run a dedicated environment for you, we set up the server and manage the operating system, install your components, and provide system support. You do what you do best; you develop your applications

It's a win-win situation that gives you all of the power you need in an isolated dedicated environment

If you want to know more, get in touch and we'll be happy to talk to you about what you need and how we can help.Contact us to discuss your requirements
|Choice of Plesk Editions||
|Server Management included||
|Free 24/7 UK Support||
|Unlimited Traffic Included||
|Daily Backups Included||
|Server set up to your specification||
|Latest components installed||
|Server Service Level Agreement||
|Optional Hourly R1Soft CDP||
|Optional SpamExperts SPAM and Virus Filtering||
|Optional WHMCS Billing Platform||
|WordPress Toolkit||
|Cloud Linux||
|MariaDB or MySQL||
|Apache and NGINX||
|Ruby and Rails||
|PHP 5.6x to PHP 7.X||

|Windows Server 2019 Standard 
|SQL Server Express||
|Optional SQL Server Standard 
|Optional SmarterMail & SmarterStats 
|IIS Remote Management||
|ASP Classic||
## High specification dedicated servers build for demanding workloads
Wouldn't you rather spend less time worrying and looking after your server? Did you know that you can add management to any of the servers we offer?
All of our dedicated servers come with the options to specify semi-managed and fully managed service at the time of order

We also have offers on two of the most popular control panels, with two of the best value Dell managed servers youll find anywhere

Whether youre a designer, a developer or a web host our managed servers are the perfect solution to the question of who you need to host with and how youre going to manage the server

**Our goal is your peace of mind**
You dont need the additional burden involved with managing a server - your time is better spent running your business. So wouldnt it be better to have experts on hand to take that burden away?
Were not just IT people, were experts at running internet systems with a pedigree that stretches back to the infancy of the world wide web

We own and manage every inch of the infrastructure that underpins the internet that we run our servers on; the data centres, the servers in them, the fibre that feeds them with connectivity and we employ passionate engineers who live sleep and breathe technology, so when we say well look after your server we mean it

In fact well do everything short of wrap it in a blanket and read it a story!
## Whats the difference
**between a managed and non managed server
With a non managed server your re responsible for every aspect of managing your server and its software. We would hand the server over to you in a default state with the operating system installed and patched up to date. From this point forward it is up to you to configure the system and any software

In addition youll need to make any changes you require to the configuration as you go on, make sure you install patches to the operating system and your software as you go on, and generally make sure that the system is kept secure

Should your server have a problem day or night, for example a web site stops responding, youll need to notice, respond and possible get in touch with your hosting provider to fix the issue. Youll need to arrange to do this day or night or when youreor on holiday. This may incur extra costs for you and your business

With a Hosting UK managed server all of this is taken care of by our systems engineers

Well make sure your server is always running in tip top condition, co-ordinate with you relating to software patches and changes and proactively respond to any issues our advanced server monitoring systems make us aware of before anything becomes a service affecting problem

Youll have the re-assurance that we are managing your server properly within a fixed monthly cost, leaving you to take care of your business

** Commercial software may be subject to additonal licence costs which will be shown in the shopping cart before purchase*
## Further information from Hosting UK
If there is any information you can't find on our web site or that we have not included here please ask by either calling
**01745 586070** or submit a query