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Going online with your business? We know what you need. Embark on a growth spurt with your business? We help you with all your digital challenges. Streamline your business processes? Combell puts the dots on your IT. With the best support and expertise you can wishes
Your own web space on our powerful hosting cluster (with separate servers for each task, e.g. web server, mail server Recommended for:
Perfect for most websites, from large to small. Why Web hosting? Your own web hosting server all for you alone. Go for maximum performance with the same ease of use. Recommended for:
Demanding website or application with (unexpected) traffic peaks.Why Dedicated web hosting?A hosting solution tailored to your website or application.Everything is possible with Combell.Recommended for:
Application, website or IT infrastructure with very specific requirements. Why custom hosting? A super scalable platform to launch servers yourself in an instant. You have full control over everything. Recommended for:
Technical users who want self-control.Why OpenStack Cloud?Recommended for:
Host one large website or many small websites.Why VPS?Start web hosting packages (and domain names) whenever you want, at a competitive price.Recommended for:
Developers or agencies who manage many websites.Why Reseller Hosting?We are available 24/7 to help you quickly, even on Christmas EveContact support Call us: 0800-8-5678
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Experts driven to help you with all your questions about your services. Transferring a website is time-consuming, so we do it for you. Done. Thanks to a fully redundant infrastructure, your website always remains online. Combell offers hosting tailored to each user, large or small, technical or not. Best technology: SSD, fast internet connections, dedicated firewalls..

Not satisfied? We simply refund you. That's how convinced we are of our products. What do they think of our hosting and expertise? Thanks to DPG Media's comparison site you save on your energy bill. , comparison site doesn't need more to show you the most interesting products for gas and electricity. Thanks to this tool from DPG Media you can save hundreds of euros. Read more
Private cloud and stable connectivity for smooth stock and customer management.Horta is a purchasing association of more than 50 shops with expertise in garden and animals. They use the ERP Navision to arrange sales, stock management and customer management.That ERP is based on the private cloud from Combell.Read more
With Pixee, your screen becomes as interactive and functional as possible. For a company like Pixee, which works with video streaming, a good connection is very important to bring images smoothly to the screen. Our fast MPLS backbone and the direct connections with all other major Belgian players always ensure the best service.Read more
Analysis of market information thanks to Artificial Intelligence
Collecting data is one thing, but drawing conclusions from it is the real art. The Ghent company DataScouts helps companies to acquire the right insights to be prepared for the challenges of the futureRead more
The ROOV app guarantees, with the least effort, as much savings as possible in complete privacy. With the unique ROOV app you get a personal financial assistant, as it were: it scans your invoices, so that you create a digital archive of your bills, your certificates and receipts. ROOV will also give you tips to save on energy, telecom and insurance.Read more
Integrated cloud solutions make teleworking accessible to everyone
The experts at CloudAtWork assist companies with the introduction of teleworking and the transition to the cloud. From now on, the user logs in via a secure connection and immediately enters his working environment. He works as quickly as if he started working from his normal workplace .Read more
Digital platform Helena supports healthcare providers with video consultations and secure sharing of medical documents
The software solutions of the Ghent company Corilus ensure digitization of the healthcare sector.Thanks to their applications, doctors can conduct digital consultations via video calls, provide appropriate medical advice, and digitally deliver the necessary medical prescription.Read more
Mobility software requires confidential handling of sensitive user data
The company InTouch specializes in digital services for smart cities. These are aimed at improving the quality of government services in cities and municipalities and simplifying citizens' lives. The latest products include digital resident cards and transit permits.Read more

ERP software as a Service that automates management and planning, specifically for culture houses
The SaaS platform Yesplan has conquered culture houses as the ideal tool for the automated management of the back office. The application was developed entirely in-house and therefore has specific hosting needs. Since 2011, Combell's experts have been providing truly customized hosting .Read more
Hosting for "the internet of things"
Because the Quality Guard app continuously helps support food safety in butcher shops, it must always remain online, without exception. Combell developed a tailor-made solution for them that enables them to keep their promise to their own customers. IT outsourcing in the cloud
The residential project developer Bostoen has been providing families with a new home for 40 years - from apartment to custom home, from brick to timber frame construction. The company has relied on Combell for its web hosting for many years, and the collaboration was recently expanded to include cloud hosting, app hosting and hardware outsourcingRead more more
Hosting for a safe and fast webshop is the parapharmaceutical division of Multipharma, a group that represents 250 pharmacies in Belgium. In addition to the 23 points of sale in shopping centers and shopping streets in Belgium, the company also wanted to start a web shop.Read more