The managed VPS is a type of web hosting plan where the provider actively helps the client by taking care of their server management. These services include regular maintenance, monitoring, hardware setup, software installations, technical issue resolutions, and more

Managed VPS hosting is the perfect fit for startups, growing businesses, and any user with limited technical experience, allowing the site owner to fully focus on their online project instead of dealing with technicalities

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 ScalaHosting LLC has been selected by the FindBestHosts' editorial staff to be one of the Top 10 providers in the Best VPS Hosting category for February 2023

 Scala Hosting has been selected by the HostReview's editorial staff to be one of the Top 10 Hosts in the Best VPS Hosting category for February 2023 Neil Patel is recognized as a top influencer on the web by The Wall Street Journal, a top 10 online marketer by Forbes, and creator of one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine

 For a second year in a row Forbes is ranking ScalaHosting as one of the best VPS providers worldwide, and their flagship WhoIsHostingThis, are major players in the industry. Both Digital and WhoIsHostingThis feature ScalaHosting in their Best Web Hosting Providers of 2023 One of the first high authority recognition of SPanel. It helped us place our hosting control panel on the world map and helped millions of website owners to learn about the next big leap forward in the cloud hosting

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 From freelance web developers, to web design agencies, to bustling e-commerce websites, to savvy domain resellers, clients trust our managed cloud-hosting solutions to reach their full potential on the web

 . With our cloud democracy system, we even allow users to suggest and vote on new features, steering the direction we take SPanel in the future. And best of all, its completely free. SPanel is a next-generation control panel created specifically for the VPS environment. Proudly developed by ScalaHosting as an in-house solution, SPanel provides easy management, top-of-the-line security, blazingly fast loading times, and more than

. With our cloud democracy system, we even allow users to suggest and vote on new features, steering the direction we take SPanel in the future. And best of all, 


 Keep Your Websites

 Protected at All Times 

 SShield is an innovative security solution which blocks 99.998% of the web attacks to your website. It also monitors your website in real-time and notifies you if a hack occurs

 SwordPress is the easiest way to manage your WordPress site. Clone, backup, restore or install over 250 apps with a single click! Now anyone can manage their website like a pro! 

 Host on the cloud and 

 One-size-fit-all plans are a thing of the past. Our fully featured, managed VPS cloud technology offers full customization and on-demand scaling at market-leading prices

 Our VPS services combine enterprise-level hardware with innovative software and tuning so that your websites load faster 24/7/365increasing your sales, SEO score, and global visibility

 Custom-Tuned For Your Needs 

 Each VPS is optimized for your websites needs, bringing in significant performance and load speed boosts

 Get optimal loading speeds by running on the fastest web servers in the worldOpenLiteSpeed & LiteSpeed Enterprise. Nothing comes close

 Unlike cPanel/Plesk and other ancient platforms, SPanel is engineered to be lightweight, and you get 100% CPU dedicated for your website. This means maximum performance, at all times

 Our custom-built servers and self-healing cloud setup prevent lag and downtime while maximizing reliability

 Youre covered by a Support Team thats renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, fast and efficient. Thats part of why our customers stay with us for 7 years on average, and 99%+ of them happy

 You wont share resources. You always get guaranteed CPU & memory resources dedicated to your managed VPS

 Your VPS comes with a dedicated IP address for 100% inbox email delivery and additional SEO benefits

 Deliver high performance at any scale. Upgrade or downgrade your resources at any time, with a single click

 Pay as much as you use 

 You get 100% control to custom-build your cloud VPS, and pay for only what you use

 You can have up to 24 CPU cores, 128GB RAM and 2000GB SSD storage on your managed VPS. The resources are always available and the upgrade takes seconds

 We can build a custom cloud cluster setup for unlimited scalability when your website becomes too popular and can't fit in a single VPS

This company provides excellent value for the technology they deliver and FANTASTIC support during the onboard Read moreThis hosting is perfect for every store owners. The support response time is less than 10 minutes through tick Read moreI only started with Scala one day before writing this review, but the service came up effortlessly on the same Read moreFrom pre-sales online chat, sales and technical support, Scala has been great so far. Every person I have spok Read more