**Why Managed ** Dedicated Servers
Why a managed server makes perfect sense
**Why a managed dedictated server
We understand that your primary focus is going to be your business and that whether or not you have the technical expertise within your business you may not want to devote those resources to the specialist work of managing an internet focussed dedicated server. That management work can be time consuming and often require technical resources that either you do not have or cannot spare

By taking a managed server with Hosting UK we take that burden away from you allowing you to concentrate on your business while we look after the server

Our technical team comprises experianced and skilled Windows and Linux engineers with years of experiance delivering robust services with maximum uptime under the most demanding of workloads

Unlike so many other companies, as part of the Iomart group of companies we own not only own the data centres we operate from outright but also the nationwide high speed fibre network that connects them to the the rest of the internet. That ownership of every layer that could affect your service ensures that we are uniquely placed to manage and guarantee every aspect of your service

By taking a managed dedicated server you fix your costs, making them more predictable and you shield yourself from the IT burden that comes with managing the server

The Hosting UK range of managed servers are each built according to our exacting standards with the control panel and purpose in mindwith the server optimised for the the workload expected of it

Of course we'll provide you with technical support for any tasks you choose to run yourself, but we also take care of the underlying operating system. We apply patches and backup up the server and perform day to day management tasks that include ensuring resources are properly allocated to each web site on the server, ensuring that mail is flowing properly, ensuring that the server isnt being blacklisted on spam gateways, monitoring processor, ram and disk usage and much more. Then we wrap the whole thing up with a meaningful service level agreement ensuring you have piece of mind

Whether you have a single busy web site, you're an agency or developer looking for a home for your clients web sites, or you want to or even run your own hosting company a managed server from Hosting UK is the common sense approach to being online

Overall it's a win-win partnership. You do what you do best, and well do what we do best - keeping you up and running 24/7

 Free DNS service
We will provide your primary and secondary DNS for free with all of your domain names at no additonal cost. Through our portal you are also able to make DNS changes in realtime via an easy to use interface

 Complete control
As well as the tools in our portal you have full root/administrator access giving you full control of your server. Install software and configure your server as suits you

 24/7 support
Our staff man the datacentre where your servers are located 24/7 - 365 days a year. Our engineers monitor network and servers and are able to rapidly respond to any issues

 Live bandwidth graphs
Our portal provides you with realtime graphs showing your bandwidth utilisation. Historical and realtime information enables you to plan ahead

 High speed network
Our high speed network spans the UK and includes tier 1 transit feeds and peering at multiple locations acrosss the network providing speed and resilience

 Monitoring & alerts
Our systems monitor your servers availability and will send you email and SMS if there are any problems as well as alerting our engineers to any issues

Opting for one of the control panel options provides for powerful but simplified administration if required

 KVM over IP
Choose a DRAC and have boot level control disagnostics and even remotely map a local CD or ISO even if you are on the other side of the world

 Dedicated Firewall
All servers are protected as standard by our border firewalls providing you with a layer of protection against threats from outside our network

## Further information from Hosting UK
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