*Archived* = Cloudways with DO or Vultr 5USD VPS with Plesk Free edition: Which one is better for speed? = I tried creating two same websites on Cloudways with Digitalocean 10$ plan and Vultr VPS with Plesk at 5$ plan. I tested speed with page speed insights and Gtmetrix and Cloudways page size is smaller than Vultr. The speed of Cloudways is 0.9sec and Vultr 1.3 or 1.4 sec with page size a bit larger than Cloudways. The number of page requests is always the same This result is inconclusive because there is no load testing and I couldn't figure out how to do it properly I am confused about whether using Vultr VPS with Plesk is a better idea than Cloudways. I am concerned about good speed and keeping it under a low budget My website has currently 35K visits/month and at peak times realtime visitors have reached an all-time high of 60visitors. The traffic is going tosteadily and I want to change hosting for the long term. Website is in Wordpress , kind of blog with no dynamic content, theme generatepress, plugins autoptimize, w3total cache, shortpixel, Cloudflare free can, and all plugins optimized for speed Plesk does not support Varnish and has NGNIX caching extension. It is easy to use for a person like me with very little knowledge of Linux servers. here are hardware requirements for plesk httpsdocs.plesk.com/release-notes/obsidian/hardware-requirements/#s2 **I want to know what should I choose Cloudways or Vultr VPS with Plesk I hope that Vultr VPS will be ok for now as it perfectly fits my budget **Also how easy is to scale servers on Vultr when my site grows I have a big client who uses WooCommerce and makes about 200 sales a day. He has a coffee shop brick and mortar in a tourist area but since Covid-19 has adjusted to online ordering. I have him set up on Vultr High Frequency 128 GB SSD 2 CPU 4 GB Ram 3 TB Bandwidth Which is $24.00 a month The trick is in setting up a proper hosting environment for speed and heavy loads. I user Ubuntu 20 with CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed installed. I also use QUICloud as my CDN with the LiteSpeed plugin My bigger clients get hosted on my Enterprise cPanel LiteSpeed server Go with Vultr small High Frequency plan and then upgrade when needed Forget Plesk go with CyberPanel. I have been in the web hosting industry since 1998. Super easy installation and community support. httpscyberpanel.net/docs/installing-cyberpanel/ you don't need nginx caching if you have w3 total cache. you use either one or the other but not both
the specs of the server matter more than the control panel you are using. i believe the DO server has twice as much RAM vultr tends to give you a little more bang for your buck than DO Also how easy is to scale servers on Vultr when my site grows you create a snapshot and restore on a larger server. or you could do a backup in plex and restore on a larger server you should assume there will be a little downtime with scaling. it's not a big deal. your site's visitors won't vanish if there's a few hours downtime for maintenance I would personally go for Plesk on vultr. But in case of performance, use the high frequency machines from vultr, I made lots of good experience that the NVME disks really provide some additional performance However, if it's about WordPress - you know better than me that performance does not only depends on where/how you host as long as you have a VPS based model If you decide to go for Plesk, I also recommend to join the Plesk facebook group - www.fb.com/groups/plesk My buddy runs httpswww.vpsbenchmarks.com/ and that should give you some good data. He has a high traffic site that he rotates on different vps hosts so he can compare speed and other metrics You sure can go directly with Vultr and use Plesk to manage it. However, running Vultr using Cloudways has its own advantages and disadvantages Disadvantages: - You do not get the root access (as they manage your server) - It is a bit costly when compared to Vultr directly Advantages: - Your server is managed; means you do not have to worry about its OS, security, and performance - A very intuitive platform that lets you manage very complex and time-consuming tasks on a click of a button. For example, staging, auto-backups, SSL, Domain mapping, cloning, etc - Scaling is also very easy. You can literally scale your server resources on a click of a button without switching to another server or plan - 24/7 live chat support also helps you save time and hassle if you come across any issue == About Community == Members Online == Similar to this post == - r/DDWRTcloudflared on DD-WRT (Netgear R8000)67%04/19/2021 r/UbiquitiCloudKey Gen2 Plus: Hard Disk Error95%271/20/2019 r/awsCloudWatch Logs Creation Error on ECS Container on EC100%34/6/2020 r/UbiquitiCloudKey Gen2 Plus "Bad USB-C Power"100%66/20/2021 r/sysadminCloudBolt, AWS Windows builds.. anyone setting hostname75%0Aug 23 r/webhostingHow to prevent being sued for my blog?84%265d r/webhostingI fell for the BlueHost trap.95%211d r/webhostingQuestion: Does anyone do webhosting for clients? If so94%274d r/webhostingWhat's the best way to replace a website with a new one?100%101d
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