Are you looking for the perfect Windows VPS hosting? With plenty of options around, finding the right one can be tough.

But, worry not, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Windows VPS hosting solutions that you can find on the market.

In this article, you’ll find:

- The comprehensive in-house methodology used to prepare this review

- A detailed analysis of the pros and cons of each service

- The benefits of using virtual private servers for hosting

- Some insightful answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Let’s get started! Kamatera Kamatera

 1. Kamatera 

- •Full root access

- •WordPress optimized servers

- •Support for custom applications Hostwinds Hostwinds

 2. Hostwinds 

- •User-friendly dashboard

- •1Gbps port speeds

- •Fully SSD storage


- •User-friendly dashboard

- •1Gbps port speeds

- •Fully SSD storage Hostinger Hostinger

 4. Hostinger 

- •Supports remote access

- •Full superuser privileges

- •All servers are fully managed Liquid Web Liquid Web

 5. Liquid Web 

- •Free CloudFlare CDN

- •Dedicated IP for servers

- •Plesk/cPanel available AccuWeb AccuWeb

 6. AccuWeb 

- •Windows Server 2012 – 2019

- •Offers affordable plans

- •Load balancing is available 1&1 IONOS 1&1 IONOS

 7. 1&1 IONOS 

- •Fully managed

- •Unlimited traffic

- •Free domain HostGator HostGator

 8. HostGator 

- •Unlimited bandwidth provision

- •Unmetered disk space

- •Hotlink protection HostPapa HostPapa

 9. HostPapa 

- •Free website transfer service

- •Unlimited websites

- •Unlimited mailing lists/autoresponders GoDaddy GoDaddy

 10. GoDaddy 

- •HTTP/2 server configuration

- •Real-time scalability

- •Unlimited traffic

== The Best Windows VPS Hosting for 2022 ==

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- – Best for dedicated resources

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- Liquid Web – Best for security

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 1. Kamatera

Full root access

WordPress optimized servers available

Support for custom applications

Kamatera provides reliable Windows VPS hosting services for building commercial tools and applications. You can count on load balancing, protocol management, and advanced analytics features to deploy robust products. It’s also perfect for deploying on-demand applications such as VoIP, gaming, streaming, and more. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can still use this solution to host any type of website.

The setup process is fast. It comes with a simple-to-use dashboard that **offers a 2-step guide** for powering your VPS. Video tutorials are also available. In case you get stuck, you can have a chat with the support team 24/7.

If you’re an advanced user, **root access** ** logins are available They allow you to remodel your web server and turn it into a cloud computing powerhouse by installing custom applications.

That’s just the start.

Kamatera ranks among the best VPS hosting vendors that **provide load balancing out the box This is a crucial feature for distributing traffic requests across a series of connected servers.

This company has a network of **13 data centers globally To top it up, all virtual machines are **connected to a 40Gbit/s internet backbone With such capacity, you can easily scale up operations all around the globe.

Kamatera offers real-time activity monitoring. You’ll be able to track your bandwidth, connections to and from your server, and more. Since resources are metered, an email alert system is in place to notify you of your usage.

When it comes to performance, our setup handled the traffic simulation of 1,000 visitors for almost 10 minutes. Now that’s a reliable service!

As good as it sounds, DDoS protection costs extra. We also find the plans expensive withthe lowest tier starts at $23/month The provider gives you a **30-day free trial** to test the waters.

 2. Hostwinds

Friendly user dashboard

1Gbps port speeds

Fully SSD storage

If you’re serious about the performance of your website, get Hostwinds VPS for Windows. You’ll enjoy fast gigabit port speeds, real-time monitoring, and free backups. There are also free migration services to help you jump on board in a snap.

Getting started is simple. The dashboard is really easy to navigate. Online documentation is also available with a step-by-step guide on how to power your VPS. If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to support via chat round the clock.

In terms of features, Hostwinds offers SSD storage in all Windows VPS hosting plans. This enhances reading and writing speeds, which boost the response time of your site. Another thing, the servers are **connected to a 1Gbps network card** that guarantees fast connectivity at all times.

A **load balancer** is available to help with high traffic websites. This option allows you to **distribute incoming visitors** across a set of different virtual machines. In doing so, it minimizes the chances of overloading a single computing resource.

But it doesn’t end here.

**Snapshots are available** to prevent you from losing data. ** Your system files will be cloned** for safekeeping. Cloud backups are also included and provide an additional layer of security. The best part is – it’s automatic and runs on a daily basis.

During tests, the server that we used was able to handle a traffic simulation of 1,000 visitors for up to 5 minutes. Overall, great results.

On the downside, as a cheap Windows VPS provider, Hostwinds limits bandwidth. Once you run out of the allocated resources, it will cost you an **additional $0.01/GB** to keep your site running.

Other than that, **pricing starts at $7.99/month** and comes with **a single CPU core, 1GB of RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 1 TB** of data transfer. Not bad at all.


It’s affordable

Dedicated resources

Full root/admin access

InterServer offers reliable VPS hosting for Windows at an affordable cost. This host provides fully-managed services for both individuals and resellers.

As for the features, you won’t be disappointed.

The first thing that we noticed is the feature-rich control panel. You’ll be able to get your website up and running in no time. Some of the tools that you’ll find include a media manager and hundreds of beautiful themes.

A **live editor** is available to help you configure your site in real-time. It’s a drag-and-drop one, so we were able to create a simple site in under 5 minutes. Novice users will surely love this feature.

For advanced users, you get **full ** **superuser** ** access** to your server. This is perfect for developers that prefer to take control of everything. For example, you can install and run third-party software that isn’t provided by InterServer.

The best Windows VPS vendors focus on security. InterServer doesn’t fail to impress. You’ll find a **disk cloning tool** that enables you to duplicate your virtual machine. Weekly backups are automatically conducted to keep your data safe.

InterServer also provides **dedicated RAM and CPU cores** with every VPS. Our server managed to successfully withstand a traffic simulation of 1000 visitors for up to 10 minutes. That’s better than Hostwinds and 1&1 where users share resources across the network.

On the flip side, this host does limit bandwidth. Once you exceed it, expect your website to run slowly. It’s also saddening to find DDoS protection unavailable. Other than that, you can start your web hosting journey with InterServer today **from $10/month

 4. Hostinger

Supports remote access

Full superuser privileges

All servers are fully managed

Hostinger has some of the best Windows VPS features – unmetered bandwidth, scalable resources, and dedicated live chat support, available 24/7.

The configuration process is really simple. Hostinger’s control panel is a joy to use. The interface as a whole is, as it resembles the Windows one, so most users feel at home. It borrows its looks from the normal Windows for desktop computers.

The virtual machines run on **Windows Server** ** version 2012 Even though a 2019 edition is available, the former is compatible with most third-party software. It gives you a reliable environment for developing and deploying custom applications.

Hostinger is one of those Windows VPS providers that guarantee fast connectivity. This host provides **network port speeds of up to 100Mb/s The icing on the cake is – it’s dedicated. You also get **IPv6 support** that’s more efficient than IPv4 in handling bulk traffic requests.

During our tests, the VPS managed to handle the simulated traffic of 1000 visitors for up to 10 minutes. The ping time did not disappoint and no loss of data packets occurred during the entire experiment.

Not everything is perfect, though. Hostinger doesn’t offer dedicated Windows hosting for VPS. **Their base price of $26/month** is also on the higher side. Despite that, **they do have a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee Definitely worth the try.

 5. Liquid Web

Free CloudFlare CDN

Dedicated IP for servers

Plesk/cPanel available

If you have a huge demand for Windows VPS hosting resources, Liquid Web is your best bet. This vendor has high-performance virtual machines to deploy any type of website/application. With this service, you get up to 8 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, and plenty of bandwidth to accommodate thousands of visitors.

Getting started is easy. They offer the world’s most popular **control panel – Plesk It’s feature-packed and intuitive, suitable for both **novice and expert users Support is available throughout to help with whatever you need.

Most hosts impose restrictions when it comes to resources. But that’s not the case with Liquid Web. This vendor gives you up to 10TB, which is enough to serve millions of visitors a month. You also get excellent computing power to keep your virtual machine stable.

This VPS hosting provider for Windows gives you CloudFlare CDN for free. Your server will be able to **handle traffic spikes by distributing requests** to a web of interlinked data centers.

Security is another area where Liquid Web excels. This host is the only one that offers a **3-Layer DDoS mitigation framework It helps keep intruders at bay without compromising the performance of your website.

Each plan comes with **100GB of cloud backup** to clone your system. The best of all, data is stored in a **redundant off-site location The added layer of security warrants the availability of your files at all times.

When it comes to testing, the server managed to handle the traffic simulation of 1,000 visitors for up to 15 minutes. The **base price is $129/month but it’s most definitely worth it.

 6. AccuWeb

Windows Server 2012 – 2019

Offers affordable plans

Load balancing is available

If you need a low cost yet powerful windows VPS hosting solution – get AccuWeb. This host offers wonderful tools, suitable for both beginners and experts. Every plan comes with fast SSD storage disks, guaranteed RAM, a weekly backup service, and so forth. The service is ideal for running personal and business websites.

AccuWeb provides a fully-managed service. You can sit back and let professionals configure your virtual machine. In case you want more control, root access is also available.

During setup, you have a **choice of selecting one out of 15 data centers** that are strategically located both in the United States and around the world. You also have the option of using any **Windows Server** ** from versions 2012 to ** **2019 Other applications that you can use to tweak your system include **PHP, ASP.Net, and ASP.NET Core

Speed is worth mentioning. All Windows server VPS are hooked to a **1Gbit/s network card When combined with SSD storage with fast read/write speeds, it enables you to create a **gaming server, provide video streaming services and anything else that suits you.

Free cloud backups are also provided – but there’s a catch. In order to benefit from this feature, you need to use servers located in Denver, USA. For VPS located outside this region, **it will cost extra to secure your files

As for performance, our virtual machine managed to comfortably withstand a traffic simulation of 1,000 visitors for up to 10 minutes.

The **pricing plans start at $10.00/month Best of all, you get a 7-days money-back guarantee.

 7. 1&1 IONOS

Fully managed

Unlimited traffic

Free domain

Windows hosting on VPS doesn’t come cheap. But not with IONOS by 1&1. This provider offers unlimited traffic, free domain registration, CDN, and HTTP/2 support. The best of all – **it will cost you just $1/month** to sign up for the service.

The first thing you’ll notice is how simple the dashboard is. Apart from including all the relevant features in one place, IONOS managed to slot in a search tool. This can be utilized to look for the options that you need faster. The support team is available via chat if you need any assistance.

On the features side, you get a wildcard SSL for free. This means that you can **encrypt all your subdomains using a single certificate You also get a malware scanner that checks for spam/malicious codes on your site. In case of any vulnerabilities, they will fix it for you at no additional cost.

But it even gets better!

This top VPS hosting service provides the best DDoS defense to protect you from hackers. You’ll also get automatic backups to protect you against data loss.

To accelerate your website, **IONOS provides geo-redundancy and Cloudflare Railgun integration With these options in place, you’ll never complain about loading speeds.

Unlike Hostwinds, all **1&1 IONOS plans allow unlimited traffic Great for sites with lots of visitors.

As for performance, the review server withstood the simulated traffic of 1,000 visitors for up to 5 minutes. Best of all, the network ping didn’t flicker a bit.

Despite the upsides, we find the 2GB of RAM not enough for demanding services such as gaming/streaming. Email storage is limited to 2GB of space, which is far from perfect.

1&1 IONOS is ideal for people that need a fast and fully-managed Windows VPS at an affordable price.

 8. HostGator

Unlimited bandwidth provision

Unmetered disk space

Hotlink protection

HostGator is quite a popular name and it’s no wonder it made it to our best Windows VPS hosting companies list. You won’t have to worry about running out of resources ever again! Some of the benefits include unlimited disk space, unrestricted bandwidth, and a website builder with thousands of themes.

The setup process is easy. You’ll find an intuitive web dashboard to build your VPS. You can also use root access level permissions to go modify your server to the maximum. Best of all – HostGator’s award-winning support is available day and all night via chat to give assistance.

Configuring your website is as easy as pie. You have the choice of using **4,500+ prebuilt templates You can have anything – from a simple blog to complex MediaWiki sites. For e-commerce enthusiasts, a shopping cart extension is also available. This is a just a drop in the ocean – this Windows VPS hosting company has **60+ open source applications and scripts** for use.

For people that prefer to use emails to keep visitors engaged, HostGator has many options. You can create thousands of **mailing lists** regardless of the size of your traffic, plus a scheduler.

An instant backup service is available to help secure your website. Speaking of security, there’s an aggressive spam filter for blocking bad traffic. You’ll also find **hotlink protection** that prevents malicious users from stealing your bandwidth.

During stress tests, our server managed to withstand traffic simulation of 1,000 visitors for up to 5 minutes. That’s on the same level as Hostwinds and 1&1.

Unfortunately, HostGator limits the number of websites that you can host. You get 1 on the personal plan and 5 on the enterprise tier.

On the bright side, this is a pretty cheap Windows VPS provider. **Pricing starts at $4.76/month There’s a **45-day refund policy in case HostGator is not a good fit for you.

 9. HostPapa

Free website transfer service

Unlimited websites

Unlimited mailing lists/autoresponders

HostPapa made it to our list of top Windows VPS hosting providers because of its lucrative features – unlimited bandwidth, superfast storage drives, and support for a limitless number of sites. The cherry on top is the 99.99% server uptime guarantee.

HostPapa has a custom control panel that has basic options to set up your server. If you’re on the fully-managed plan, support can help you to configure everything. As for users on managed and unmanaged subscriptions, the burden is on you to fix things. **Not really suitable for beginners

This VPS Windows provider allows you to build an **unlimited number of websites But that’s not all. There are **no limits on the number of visitors** that your server can serve. That’s good for business.

If you’re a marketer or blog for a living, a **mailing list with autoresponders** is available to push sales. Just publish a post and it will automatically be sent to your readers via email.

During tests, our server managed to handle the traffic simulation of 1,000 users for 5 minutes. We also experienced fast ping times of less than 150ms. Quite impressive!

Sad to say, HostPapa isn’t transparent in their pricing. It will cost you 99/month to have a fully-managed service If you’re an expert in managing servers, the **base price of $19.99/month** might work for you.

 10. GoDaddy

HTTP/2 server configuration

Real-time scalability

Unlimited traffic

You probably know GoDaddy courtesy of their domain registration service. However, this company also provides some of the best Windows VPS solutions on the market. They offer unlimited bandwidth, large storage SSD space, and 24/7 DDoS protection.

At the outset, GoDaddy offers fully-managed and unmanaged services. If you choose the former, support will do everything for you, so it’s a great option for newbies.

The reseller feature is the most outstanding thing about GoDaddy in this context. It comes with the corporate version of **Plesk – Obsidian Web Host Edition **cPanel/WHM control panel** is included by default. You can utilize both services to **resale your server’s resources at a profit

Apart from that, GoDaddy VPS for Windows has a **fast SSD storage hardware** optimized to derive the best performance. The company also offers **separate high RAM virtual machines** at an affordable cost. We recommended them for websites and applications that have a high volume of users.

**Automated backup services** are available to prevent data loss. You can clone your server by **creating snapshots If there are errors, you can **restore your VPS using a previously saved image. **

When it comes to the speed tests, the GoDaddy server impressed us. It comfortably handled the simulated traffic of 1,000 visitors for 10 minutes.

The **pricing plans start at $4.99/month** for the self-managed options. Managed **services cost upwards of $99.99/month

 What Is Windows VPS Hosting? 

Under typical circumstances, virtual machines usually have a similar setup as a normal computer, so you can install and run any operating system (OS) on them. Therefore, Windows VPS hosting refers to **servers that run on Microsoft’s Windows OS The majority of providers have plans for beginners and experts.

 **How Does a VPS Server Work 

A VPS works by **simulating the behavior of a physical machine The normal setup consists of a single computer hardware that is **partitioned using virtualization technology That way you create ** multiple virtual servers** that run independently.

The next step is to install custom software, boot, and conduct maintenance without affecting other users. This structure allows top VPS hosting companies to provide affordable web hosting services. All they have to do is create as many virtual machines as possible for lease at a low cost.

 **What Is the Difference Between a Dedicated Server and VPS 

A dedicated server is a physical hardware where **resources are utilized unconditionally by a single user Most hosts offer this product under dedicated hosting.

A VPS machine usually accommodates **multiple users that share the same computing infrastructure In order to prevent the abuse of virtual private servers, web hosts do throttle CPU, RAM, and bandwidth usage.

 **What Are the Benefits of VPS Hosting 

Here’s why it’s worth it:


Virtual private servers offer more resources for use than shared plans. Some of them include powerful vCPUs, dedicated RAM, and significant bandwidth allocation. You’ll be able to create websites/applications that are highly responsive.

 **Scalability ** 

The majority of best VPS hosting services providers let you scale up. This is usually useful for platforms that experience a gradual increase in traffic, needing to accommodate more users.

 **Control ** 

VPS gives you more control of your hosting service. In most cases, website hosts provide you with root access. It gives you the freedom of configuring your server to suit your taste.

 **Low Cost** 

The cost of VPS hosting has dropped significantly over the years. So, many web hosts lowered their prices. A good example is **1&1 IONOS** that offers cheap Windows VPS services **for just $1/month

 **Wrap Up** 

Windows VPS hosting is a must-have for people that value performance. There are a lot of options on the market, but we chose the best ones. Why not give them a try? The perfect one is waiting for you somewhere in our article!


 What is VPS hosting used for? 

Virtual private servers (VPS) are mainly used to manage websites/applications that have a significant demand for hosting resources. This makes them perfect for handling high traffic from the visitors.

 Is cloud hosting cheaper than VPS? 

Cloud hosting works by combining a cluster of interlinked virtual machines to provide hosting. VPS is cheaper because it relies on a single server to deploy services.

 Which VPS hosting is the best? 

Hostwinds is your best bet. This vendor provides fully-managed services at a low-cost. You get feature-packed tools to develop fast and responsive websites/applications.

 What is the best free VPS? 

It’s expensive to maintain a web hosting infrastructure, so we can’t really recommend a free option. However, all Windows VPS hosting providers have an **unconditional money-back guarantee which gives you enough time to test out the features **virtually for free Deyan G.

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