**Moving** has never been this **easy** Wewill transfer your web site. Wewill transfer your domain name. Wewill even transfer any outstanding credit you have with your current host!
## Environmentally friendly web hosting
Zenutech is committed to green web hosting and sustainable business practices. Our servers are co-located in Montreal, Québec drawing power from a hydroelectric power supplier which uses water to generate 97% of its electricity. Zenutech also offsets its CO2 emmissions by purchasing green certificates. Learn more »
## E-Commerce ready web hosting
Zenutech has a proven record of satisfied customers who now have a successful online presence. Zenutech offers several shopping cart stores to be installed with a few easy clicks directly from our control panel. We have successfully customized and rebranded osCommerce and ZenCart shopping cart systems and integrated major payment gateways and merchant accounts. Learn more »
## Customer Testimonial
I just wanted to say that i am really impressed with Zenutech's customer service. You're doing a great job and I'd recommend you to anyone who requires web domain and hosting. keep up the great workAdrienne Noyes Victoria, BC, Canada
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