A VPS means a virtual private server is a virtual machine. Internet hosting services sell VPS as a service. The virtual dedicated server (VDS) is also a similar thing. Developers like to use VPS instead of a separate physical server. Here we going to talk about the top 5 free VPS lifetime

## Free Windows VPS lifetime
Many people dont like to use windows VPS because Microsoft owns the Windows license and we have to pay for use. An open-source operating system like Linux gaining popularity because of this. But windows VPS has some advantages that you can never give up. Thats why free windows VPS is a very important thing

However, its hard to find free windows VPS lifetime. Sellers are not interested in free windows VPS because they came with a cost and its hard to earn a considerable amount of money by giving them free. But we manage to find some options with free trials and low prizes (Almost like free). We will update this article if some free service available in the future

## Top 5 Free VPS for Lifetime
 1. Targetbird
Targetbird agency provides many web services. They got free shared hosting, free WordPress hosting, and free cloud hosting. You have many other cheap services on there such as register a domain name and cheap SEO services. But the most important thing for us is they got cheap VPS hosting

Their VPS hosting service regularly costs $4.99 monthly but as a special intro offer, you can buy it for just $0.5 for a month. That is their starter pack but you can go with more powerful plans. They got two other plans which are VPS Business are VPS Enterprise. They cost $2.99 and $3.99 in order per month

You will have the below features from the stater plan

- 256 MB RAM
- 15 GB RAID10 Storage
- 1 IPV4 Address
- 256 GB Bandwidth
- 1 GB/s Network Speed
- Location Netherlands/Romania
- SolusVM Control Panel 99.95%
- Uptime
- 24/7 Phone Support
If those are not enough for you check their all plans

 2. Woomhost
Woomhost is basically a free hosting provider. They provide free web Builder, fast SSD Storage, and unlimited disk space & bandwidth. They have WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and shared hosting for free. However, there is a VPS hosting option. It says starting at $0.00 which is free

But that is not actually free. When you create a Woomhost account and go to that option, you will have to select windows or Linux options and then will be redirected to their affiliates program. If you not familiar with affiliate programs, they provide a unique link just for you, and if someone visits their site by that link and buys their product you can get a commission

So that is not really free but it will not cost you anything. Specification of their windows VPS is below

- 4 GB RAM
- 2 Cores CPU
- 165 GB Disk Space
- Free Domain Name
- 2 TB Bandwidth
- Live Chat Support
 3. Gigarocket
Gigarocket is a very good free web hosting provider. They provide a free cPanel hosting account that ideal for students and anyone learning how to build websites and web design. With that, they also give you free SSL certificates and many free applications

They have free Linux/Unix VPS. You can also reinstall and switch between those two operating systems. You will have full control and flexibility with full root and SSH access as standard. You can choose any operating systems from CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Suse. This is a good opportunity for those who learn about virtual private servers. The best part is it totally free
You will have
- 1 vCore CPU
- 25GB HDD
- 150GB transfer
- IPv4 & IPv6
- full root SSH access
However, there can be some issues happen when you try to register for the service. Especially with email verification. They also cut down their free services slowly. So this may not a future proof service

 4. Google Cloud Platform
Everybody knows Google. From a search engine now they provide services in a large range. They own android, YouTube, and many other things. Google also provides web services for developers such as domain registration and hosting. You can create a VPS on the Google Cloud Platform

You can sign up to Google Cloud Platform with your google account. Then you can get a 90-day free trial with $300 credit for buy services. There are many services are there. Their VPS come up with 136 operating systems to choose including Windows server 2016, Redhat Linux, and windows server 2012. Their prices are different

With Google Cloud Platform you can not only buy just a virtual server. You can use the operating system you want. You can choose the hardware specifications you want. And the most interesting thing is you pay only for the services you use here. And all things can control easily

 5. Digital Ocean
The digital ocean is a big name when it comes to the internet. It is a famous internet service provider and it is worldwide. Digital Ocean is the developer cloud. Many innovation companies including docker and GitLab trust and use Digital Ocean. The most important thing is they got an impressive VPS service as Google has

They call their VPS droplets. You can choose an operating system, size, and a data center location and create a droplet. Or maybe multiple droplets if you want. Digital Ocean offers a 60-day free trial with $100 credits to buy services

You have many options to choose from. They have 13 data centers in 7 countries. You can scale CPU, memory, and storage to what you want and pay only for it

## What service is good for me?
That depends on few factors. How much money you can spend, what hardware specifications do you need, what software do you want to run on it. I recommend scalable services like Google Cloud Platform and Digital Ocean because you pay for what you need. But they are expensive compared to others. If you tied on a budget try the first three VPS I mentioned above

I think you know about free VPS for lifetime now. It is hard to find out completely free VPS for lifetime. But we showed you almost free services. If you want to know cool stuff like this, check out our other articles.