Forex trading always demands a trusted VPS hosting that can gratify the unequivocal requirements of speedy business execution, lowest latency period & continuous up-time. But it’s very troublesome to come by all of these needs fulfilled without any disruption.

While looking for a VPS service provider it is obligatory for the trader to make sure that the hosting service satisfies all the major requirements. Forex Cheap VPS has introduced free forex VPS plans for you. We have categorized our free forex VPS hosting plan into 8 different packages varying in RAM & CPU capacity, disk space, bandwidth, etc.

This forex VPS free trial will permit you to use our exclusive VPS service backed by the latest hardware technology. Additionally, our prospective clients can have a clear-cut demonstration about how the system works & draws a lot of benefits for trading. So why go for another provider while you can host your trading platform totally free of cost.

There are some preconditions to satisfy for accessing our free VPS service.

=> Initially the client has to choose a specific broker from our partner’s list (provided below) to deposit certain amount (USD) into the respective bank account.

=> After the successful completion of the first step, the trader has to choose a preferred package.

=> It is compulsory for the trader to conduct trading at least three times in a month with the free VPS service.

=> For the continuation of free forex VPS hosting after the one-month free trial, the client has to renew the service by depositing next installment to broker’s account.

|BROKER NAME||LOGO||REGISTER||Transfer Existing Broker|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|


|Register||Transfer Existing A/C|




|Lite VPS||1 GB||16 X 2 GB||1 CORE||1 TB (Monthly500|

|Xpress VPS||2 GB||20 X 2 GB||1 CORE||2 TB (Monthly1000|

|Standard VPS||4 GB||30 X 2 GB||2 CORE||3 TB (Monthly2000|

|Exclusive VPS||8 GB||50 X 2 GB||3 CORE||Ulimited (Monthly4000|

|Enterpirse||12 GB||80 X 2 GB||2 CORE||Unlimited (Monthly6000|

|Business||24 GB||120 X 2GB||3 CORE||Unlimited (Monthly10000|

|Corporate||32 GB||240 X 2 GB||4 CORE||Unlimited (Monthly15000|

|VIP||50 GB||480 X 2 GB||5 CORE||Unlimited (Monthly20000|

Here are some advantages you can drag out from this free trial:

=> Lightning fast trading execution speed like our regular server plans.

=> Optimized for MT4/MT5 trading.

=> Responsive for various platforms & devices.

=> No obligation to upgrade packages.

=> Absolutely no slippage issue.

=> You will be getting a full insight of our server functionality.