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**Cheap Windows VPS Hosting in USA Pricing Options (Windows Product ID PROCESSOR RAM STORAGE BANDWIDTH OS 3 Years Plan Buy Now
Micro Dual Core CPU 6GB 150GB SSD Unlimited Windows Rs. 1,499/Month *Buy Now* Mega Quad core CPU 8GB 200GB SSD Unlimited Windows Rs. 2,099/Month *Buy Now* Giga Hexa Core CPU 16GB 300GB SSD Unlimited Windows Rs. 2,699/Month *Buy Now* Tera Octa core CPU 32GB 500GB SSD Unlimited Windows Rs. 3,299/Month *Buy Now*
**Cheap Windows VPS Hosting USA Plans & Configuration
|CPU||Dual Core CPU||Quad Core CPU||Hexa Core CPU||Octa Core|
|RAM||6 GB||8 GB||16GB||32 GB|
|SSD||150 GB||200 GB||300 GB||500 GB|
|Band Width||Unlimited||Unlimited||Unlimited||Unlimited|
|Operating System||Windows||Windows||Windows||Windows|
|OS Resetup||No||Yes||Yes||Yes|
|Server Management||NO||NO||Yes||Yes|
|3 Years Plan||Rs. 1499/Month||Rs. 2099/Month||Rs. 2699/Month||Rs. 3299/Month|
|2 Years Plan||Rs. 1749/Month||Rs.2449/Month||Rs. 3149/Month||Rs. 3849/Month|
|1 Year Plan||Rs. 1999/Month||Rs. 2799/Month||Rs. 3599/Month||Rs. 4399/Month|
|6 Months Plan||Rs. 2249/Month||Rs. 3149/Month||Rs. 4049/Month||Rs. 4949/Month|
|3 Months Plan||Rs. 2374/Month||Rs. 3324/Month||Rs. 4274/Month||Rs. 5224/Month|
|1 Month Plan||Rs. 2499/Month||Rs.3499/Month||Rs. 4499/Month||Rs. 5499/Month|
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Server Basket differs from other VPS service providers in usa with its unique offerings. You get fully managed USA windows VPS Hosting services at cheap price with high control, power and flexibility. We have a highly professional technical team to assist you 24*7 and a special team to monitor VPS Server related activities at a faster pace. Our cheap windows vps servers are hosted in a highly secure data centers in usa that are equipped with high-end infrastructure. As our data centers are spread across locations in usa like Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey etc you will be assured with low latency rate

== Additional information ==
|Type of OS|
|Max RAM|
128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 2GB, 32 GB, 4GB, 64 GB, 8GB
|Max Storage|
1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 500GB
|Type of Storage|
|Data Center Location|
|Remote Management|
|Type Of Hosting|
Managed VPS
== 7 Reviews For This Product ==
I needed the cheapest VPS hosting in the USA for my data analytics startup. This server has been very good indeed. Totally recommended

This is probably the cheapest Windows VPS in the USA. It comes with additional IPs and I can carry out a ton of work without any latency issues

I run a website that usually has high traffic, and I needed a secure environment for my operations and services. I opted for Windows VPS hosting from ServerBasket. I was amazed by the performance

The USA market needed such a cheap VPS Windows hosting server for small business owners like me. It has full root access, unlimited bandwidth, and no taxes

My requirement for cheap Windows VPS hosting was simple – a server that can handle my workload without latency. I am happy with Server Basket to have suggested this option to me. A genuinely good server

I needed a cheap Windows VPS in the US and this one provided complete root access, free encrypted backup, and came with very good bandwidth. I am happy with this investment

For anyone needing a good and cheap option for VPS hosting, this server would be my first recommendation. What I like the most is that my business workings were so smooth after installing this server

== How do you manage data centers in the USA? ==
We have a team of technical experts who manage and take care of our VPS hosting USA workflows. They perform regular upgrades along with scheduled server audits to ensure that we can successfully run the cheap VPS hosting services

== How do you ensure that the hosting environment is secure? ==
We host our servers on tier4 data centers to provide ultimate protection to our servers and the hosting environment at all times. Our cheap windows VPS servers are protected by firewalls and various intrusion detection technologies to offer superior security

== Can you configure the hosting plan based on my requirements? ==
Yes, you can choose to customize the cheap windows VPS hosting plans based on your workflow requirements. State your requisites to our team, and they will make sure to provide a windows VPS hosting plan that suits all your needs

== Do you offer any discounts on the Windows VPS hosting plans? ==
We offer special discounts to our customers who buy cheap Windows VPS plans for the long term. Visit our VPS server USA website, and you can find that we impose very reasonable prices on all the hosting plans

== Can I upgrade my hosting plan any time in between? ==
Yes, users are free to upgrade their hosting plan any time in between their hosting period. Contact our team when you decide to upgrade and state your requirements; they will take care of the upgrades as soon as possible

== Does Server Basket offer any Linux hosting in the USA? ==

Yes, we also offer cheap Linux hosting plans to our USA clients. Contact our support team to learn more about the offers we provide. They will suggest a VPS Linux hosting plan considering all your budget and work requirements

== Do you offer free hosting support? What is your normal response time? ==
Yes, we offer free of cost hosting support to all our clients. Our expert technical team stays online round-the-clock to answer any questions our customers may have. Our usual response time ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes.