HostAdvice experts performed an independent study on the
**Best VPS Hosting** providers for all types of users

In this article, you can
**discover the best free VPS hosting servers** and their offers regarding dedicated resources, enhanced performance, root access, and domain transfers

Free VPS allows you to
**check whether VPS hosting will work for you or not risk-free These services are very convenient for getting a taste of VPS server configuration and management, which is excellent for site owners willing to test new ideas or apps

Find the
**top free VPS offers worth your time** and learn an extra thing. Or, if you are in a hurry, let’s cut right through the chase!
== Short on Time? Check Our Top 10 Free VPS Hosting Providers ==
- Kamatera – Best Free VPS Hosting Overall
- Webdock – Best Free VPS On A Cloud Platform
- Cloudways – Best Free Fully-Managed VPS Hosting
- A2 Hosting – Best Free Unmanaged VPS
- ScalaHosting – Top Free VPS With Excellent Support
- Hostinger – Top Free VPS For Unlimited Bandwidth
- IONOS – Most Powerful Free VPS Hosting
- Time4VPS – Best Free Windows VPS
- Hostwinds – Best Free VPS For Uptime & SSecurity
- FastComet – Best Free Linux VPS
== How Do We Rank and How You Should Choose Your Free VPS Hosting? ==
- Server Uptime7%
- Server Speed7%
- Long Trial Period8%
- Instant Server Setup3%
- Flexibility4%
- Scalability5%
- Cloud Infrastructure3%
- Extra Features & FFreebies8%
- Ease of Use4%
- Customer Support5%
- The Managed Option3%
- Plans & PPricing5%
- Easy Cancellation8%
- User Reviews30%
The chart represents the criteria and relative importance we’ve used to select the best free VPS hosting providers. At HostAdvice, we perform
**independent and category-specific testing We evaluate **what makes up the ideal free VPS provider** and assign each factor a percentage, representing its contribution to the overall score

Our professionals purchased free VPS plans, signing up as regular customers to get
**a fair and unbiased view** of the host’s quality. We test the VPS server uptime, speed, security, and support. More importantly, we continually repeat the tests to update you with the newest data. We use the allocated percentages to **calculate a single weighted score **Here’s everything you need to consider when choosing the best free VPS server for your website Server Uptime (7 Even if it’s free, there’s no point in getting an offline server, and that’s why you need a host with an uptime guarantee of 99.95% or above. Server Speed (7 Similar to downtime, slow loading speeds translate to loss of customers and SEO rankings. It would help get free VPS hosting with SSD storage, multiple data centers, Cloudflare CDN, and caching technologies. Long Trial Period (8 With shared hosting plans, companies offer 30-day, 45-day money-back guarantees or even longer. However, you’ll realize that this period is significantly shorter for VPS hosting, usually lasting a week. The longer the trial period, the better. Instant Server Setup (3 You don’t want to pointlessly spend the precious time waiting for the setup to complete. That’s why it would be best to get a VPS hosting provider with instant provisioning (in a few minutes or hours). Flexibility (4The best free VPS hosting providers allow you to customize your virtual private server, including operating system, features, and other configurations. Opt for a VPS trial that doesn’t impose too many limits on customization for the ultimate hosting experience. Scalability (5Consider your future needs. What happens when you exceed the plan’s limits? How straightforward is the scaling process? Can you upgrade your bandwidth and storage hassle-free, using the control panel, and without downtime? Cloud Infrastructure (3 Physical servers are usually cheaper and deliver excellent reliability. However, the drawback is that other sites within the same environment can affect your website. Cloud servers offer maximum insulation, so we’ve given VPS providers that utilize such technology a few extra points. Extra Features & FFreebies (8 Dedicate special attention to features such as added security and automatic backups. In addition, opt for free domain name/transfer, free website migration, free SSL certificates, dedicated IP address, DDoS protection, firewalls, professional email services, unlimited bandwidth, and more. Ease of Use (4 It is critical to select a beginner-friendly solution. There’s no point in paying for a service you have no idea how to use. The best option is a VPS solution utilizing the popular cPanel control panel with 1-click installs on Softaculous or similar user-friendly interfaces (Plesk, Webmin, CentOS Web Panel, etc.) Customer Support (5 It’s invaluable to have technical support agents available 24/7 to assist you with figuring out your problems, preferably across several channels, including live chat, email, or phone. The Managed Option (3 With the unmanaged option, you’ll get more control over your server and spend less money on hosting. However, you’ll need more time, skills, and experience. With the managed VPS option, the in-house team will take care of all server and operating system configurations, updates, and maintenance. **Tip If you aren’t acquainted with the technical side of running a server, it would be best to hire a team with the proper knowledge to avoid wrong configurations, downtime, and server outages. Plans &Pricing (5 Once your trial period ends, you’ll have to pay for the VPS. It will be very useful if the company offers good deals and discounts. Check the introductory vs. renewal rates, transparency of pricing, hidden fees, and extras cost. Easy Cancellation (8 Some free VPS providers might make it impossible to cancel the service, so you end up paying for a service you don’t like. Top free VPS companies will always enable you to cancel your account with a few clicks. User Reviews (30 If customers have continually received what they were promised, the VPS host will do the same for you. Stay steer of misleading ads and focus on reputable sites, preferably in your niche, to get the most objective representation of the company’s quality. **Warning You’ll notice a lot of sneaky behavior in the free VPS world, with the hosts trying to get advertising revenue, email addresses, or other data, which is why you must always be careful to whom you entrust your content

Apart from the factors mentioned above,
**beware of** programs trying to get you clicking adverts, email signups that don’t take you anywhere, and high data collection levels. They can use you to make money and sell your email or information to advertisers for profits

== What Is Free VPS Hosting, and Who Is It For? ==
The hosting web sector is
**extremely competitive making it difficult for providers to attract new clients. Companies give out a limited number of their free VPS services **to draw new clients **Note You may try a VPS company’s services without paying for them by requesting a VPS trial. This period usually lasts for seven days, 15 days, 30 days, or occasionally for extended periods, such as two months to 1 year

VPS trials are
**the perfect match for anyone willing to “test the water” before spending money on a VPS hosting plan A free VPS trial might work out well, whether you are an individual, startup, small business owner, or a large enterprise

Apart from a VPS trial, you can also select a free VPS service altogether. However,
**there is no 100% forever-free VPS provider who won’t fail you With one such service, you risk having your website hacked, having data stolen, or facing a significant upcharge if you choose a free plan

== The Best Free VPS Hosting Services of 2022 (Bought and Tested): ==

If you ask me, Kamatera undoubtedly takes the lead for free VPS hosting, granting you a 30-day cloud VPS trial with
**nearly limitless resources at your disposal You can use up to 100 worth of configurations** without any commitment or hidden fees. Overall Score: 4.9 Free Trial: 5.0 Performance: 5.0 Features: 4.9 Ease of Use: 4.8 Pricing: 4.9
The best part about Kamatera is that you can
**build your free VPS server adjusting the dozens of operating system and control panel options, storage configurations, other resources, and add-ons to your needs and preferences. *Research Findings* **Free Trial With Kamatera’s 30-day free VPS trial, you can use up to $100 credit, scale up or down as you please, and even add optional features, such as load balancers or firewalls. However, beware that the company will charge you for exceeding this limit. **Performance Kamatera utilizes 13 data centers and thousands of servers spread across four continents, modern solid-state drives, and powerful Intel Xeon Platinum processors, thus delivering impressive speeds and a 99.95% uptime guarantee. **Features Choose from multiple operating systems (CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, FreeNAS, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Windows, CloudLinux, and more), cPanel or Plesk, get root access to your free server, proprietary API, unlimited storage, and more. **Ease of Use You’ll get access to a designated account manager during the free VPS trial to guide you in configuring your server and answer any questions you might have and the technical support team via phone, email, and tickets. **Pricing Kamatera’s prices are very affordable even after the trial period. The starting price for the cheapest VPS plan is $4 per month for 1 vCPU, 1024MB RAM, 20GB SSD Storage, and 1 Public IP. *Pros && Cons* **Pros
- Instant server setup in less than 60 seconds
- A fully customizable cloud environment with dozens of Windows and Linux OS choices
- Access to 24/7 technical support on several channels
- Extra charges if you exceed the $100 credit during your free VPS trial
- Not particularly beginner-friendly (cPanel && Plesk cost extra)
- Not many freebies included (no SSL, no extended backups, no managed support)

**a real taste of a powerful cloud VPS without spending a dime Hurry up and launch your server, choosing from 1174 cloud server setup configurations. You have 30 days to decide – is the solution worth your money? 

What I love most about Webdock is that you can try and fail repeatedly

**All of its servers are free up to 24 hours after you create them Better yet, you can usually get a coupon/free credit to get you started. All you need to do is ask nicely. And who doesn’t love free server time? Overall Score: 4.8 Free Trial: 4.8 Performance: 4.8 Features: 4.7 Ease of Use: 4.9 Pricing: 4.8
Webdock is
**a top free VPS provider offering fast and scalable **Linux cloud VPS hosting While **Ubuntu is the preferred operating system** on Webdock servers, you can also deploy AlmaLinux, CentOS, or Debian. *Research Findings* **Free Trial Webdock allows you to start a server, try something out, and then delete it again without paying a dime. You’ll only have to pay for the servers you keep running after 24 hours. **Performance With Webdock’s high limits, active balancing, and lightning-fast 90k+ IOPS SSDs, you can be confident that your VPS will have the power to perform. Webdock also utilizes the latest stable, production-ready software versions in its stacks and typically allows instant scaling without downtime. **Features All Webdock VPS instances come with free SSL certificates, free transactional emailing, free email forwarding, five automatically rotated snapshots and three snapshots you can manage yourself, full root access, a dedicated, clean IPv4 address, an IPv6 address space, and more. **Ease of Use As a Webdock customer, you’ll benefit from its awesome control panel, highly resembling Linode and cPanel. In addition, you can expect transparent, honest, and competent support round the clock. **Pricing Webdock’s cheapest VPS plan costs $1.25 upon the free trial for 3GB Storage, 1 CPU Thread, 512 MiB Memory, and 100 Mbit/s-Port Bandwidth. *Pros && Cons* **Pros
- Instant provisioning and fast deployment of your containerized apps
- You can test each server for 24 hours until you find the perfect match
- Multiple tiers of DDoS protection and round-the-clock in-depth monitoring
- The free trial requires a payment method (you must have a valid credit card and up-to-date information in your account)
- Pricing depends on the server location (the Indian data center costs extra)
- It doesn’t support the Windows operating system (Linux-based VPS)

**create your server in two minutes or less It’s entirely free to try since they will not charge you until the following morning. What’s not to love? Check out its offer today! 

I recommend Cloudways to anyone willing to test the biggest names in the cloud hosting industry – Google, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. Cloudways doesn’t have its servers but acts as a management service, offering you
**a 3-day VPS trial for a managed service for the mentioned IaaS platforms. ** Overall Score: 4.6 Free Trial: 4.6 Performance: 4.7 Features: 4.6 Ease of Use: 4.8 Pricing: 4.5
Cloudways grants you
**a managed cloud hosting platform** built for exceptional experiences, taking away all hassles of server management. You don’t have to know how to configure a server. Instead, you can go live in minutes and manage your website like a pro using Cloudways’ **innovative control panel. ** *Research Findings* **Free Trial With Cloudways, you can get the best free VPS server, a cost-free glimpse into five premium cloud-powered environments for three days, with no credit card required. **Performance You’ll get the best-in-class configuration by default with no tinkering needed. Cloudways’ uniquely optimized stack delivers 99% uptime and immediately improves your site speed. You can also expect enterprise-grade security from Cloudflare. **Features All managed VPS hosting plans come with free SSL, free migration, easy WordPress installation, dedicated staging environment, dedicated firewalls, automated backups, SSH and SFTP access, unlimited application installation, and optional offsite backup storage. **Ease of Use You’ll benefit from hassle-free managed VPS hosting, reducing the time spent working on your infrastructure. Cloudways works as a third party, granting you a beginner-friendly panel to work your way around. As a Cloudways customer, you’ll also benefit from guaranteed response times from support. **Pricing Upon the free VPS trial, you can continue with multiple low-cost, pay-as-you-go plans, starting at $12 per month for 1GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25GB Storage, and 1TB Bandwidth. You can also optimize your costs with custom server configurations and scale server resources up and down as needed. *Pros &Cons* **Pros
- Access to all five world-class cloud providers without having to write a single line of code
- Worry-free experience (user-friendly platform, managed security, 24/7 real monitoring, and customer support)
- Lots of free goods included (SSL certificates, CDN, automated backups, website transfers)
- A 3-day free VPS trial is a bit short to explore the cloud server in full
- You simultaneously rely on two providers (Cloudways + the cloud host)

**100% risk-free VPS trial with no credit card required** today! 

If you are a tech-savvy user willing to take matters into your hands (and save significant amounts of money in the process), I highly recommend A2 Hosting as
**the best free unmanaged VPS Overall Score: 4.7 Free Trial: 4.9 Performance: 4.8 Features: 4.6 Ease of Use: 4.5 Pricing: 4.8
What makes A2 Hosting’s unmanaged VPS the best free VPS server on the market are its
**high-speed SwiftServer features NVMe SSD AMD EPYC servers for 3x faster read/write speeds and 40% faster CPU performance, SSD speed boost, and a 10 Gb/s redundant network. *Research Findings* **Free Trial A2 Hosting doesn’t offer the traditional VPS free trial. Instead, you can try its services entirely risk-free. You can cancel the service and get a full refund within 30 days or a prorated refund on your unused service after 30 days, rounded up to the next full month of service. **Performance A2 Hosting provides the fastest unmanaged VPS on the market hosted on the SwiftServer platform. The company utilizes solid-state drives and properly loads its servers and quadruple network. You can also select its Turbo Boost VPS option with Support for HTTP/2, SPDY and ESI, increased stability, and the ability to handle connections more efficiently and faster. **Features With A2 Hosting’s unmanaged VPS plans, you’ll get a custom operating system, custom software, custom VPS management, and a custom data center location. Its plans also include administrative level root access and a Webuzo 1-click software installer. **Ease of Use As an A2 Hosting customer, you’ll get the best free VPS hosting with expert-managed hardware and network and a cPanel control panel license. And if you ever need more assistance, you can always switch to A2 Hosting’s fully managed VPS. **Pricing A2 Hosting unmanaged VPS is a cheap way to do VPS hosting since you don’t have to pay for the management layer on top. Instead, you can start at $4.99 monthly for 1GB RAM, 150GB SSD Storage, 1 Core, and 2TB Transfers. *Pros & &Cons* **Pros
- An anytime money-back guarantee with a full refund within 30 days
- Ultra-reliable VPS with 99.9% uptime commitment and perpetual security to help keep your account safe
- Up to 20x faster Turbo server available (better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates & &higher conversion rates)
- No traditional trial period (cheap VPS plans and an anytime money-back guarantee instead)
- Unmanaged VPS is very restricted to skillful users (A2 Hosting offers managed VPS for beginners)
- Prices increase on renewal

If you are willing to
**set up your hosting environment to your exact specifications** and **take full control **of the bandwidth, storage space, and resource allocation **on a budget A2 Hosting is the way to go. Check out its free VPS packages to manage your server as you see fit!

Similar to A2 Hosting, ScalaHosting doesn’t offer the traditional free VPS trial but
**an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee I personally love the provider because it is **one of the cheapest, risk-free options for managed VPS hosting** on the market. Overall Score: 4.8 Free Trial: 4.8 Performance: 4.8 Features: 4.8 Ease of Use: 5.0 Pricing: 4.7
ScalaHosting grants you fully managed cloud servers integrated with the top providers. Yet, the best part is that you’ll be covered by
**a support team renowned for its outstanding knowledge, speed, and efficiency ready to assist you any time, with any issue, 24/7. *Research Findings* **Free Trial If you don’t like ScalaHosting’s solution, you can easily take advantage of the money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. They will fully refund you to the last cent with no questions, guaranteed. **Performance ScalaHosting’s proprietary hosting solutions with a dedicated cloud environment enable you to upgrade your speed, reliability, and security significantly. You can expect 99.9% uptime and up to 20x faster load times. **Features All ScalaHosting fully managed VPS plans include free website migration, free domain, free SSL certificates, daily disaster recovery backups, free snapshots, dedicated IP addresses, unlimited bandwidth and domain names, and more. **Ease of Use You’ll enjoy easy server management with the SPanel VPS Control Panel, a quick and easy replacement of the cPanel, saving you $15 monthly, and a Softaculous 1-click installer. The ScalaHosting team is also available to answer any questions you might have related to your server and fix any issues that arise 24/7/365. **Pricing ScalaHosting offers one of the most budget-friendly managed VPS plans, starting at $14.95 per month for 2 CPU Core, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth. You can also build your own cloud-managed VPS, configuring CPU cores, RAM, and SSD space to your requirements. *Pros & &Cons* **Pros
- Choice of three providers (ScalaHosting, AWS, and DigitalOcean data centers)
- 24/7/365 fully managed VPS with experts always available for live assistance
- Frequently offers VPS trials and discounted services to nonprofit organizations, teachers, and students
- No traditional trial period (a worry-free money-back guarantee instead)
- You simultaneously rely on two providers (ScalaHosting + the provider; in case you don’t choose ScalaHosting’s data center)

**get your fully managed VPS live in two minutes Revolutionary SPanel control panel, faster load times, and more reliable cybersecurity are just a part of the offer. Don’t miss out and review all that ScalaHosting has to give ASAP! 

I suggest Hostinger as the best free VPS for those looking for
**high performance with dedicated resources With Hostinger’s VPS plans, you’ll never have to worry about other people’s site traffic affecting your site, and you’ll also get **30 days to decide** whether you like its solution! Overall Score: 4.6 Free Trial: 4.7 Performance: 4.8 Features: 4.7 Ease of Use: 4.3 Pricing: 4.7
Hostinger is the top free VPS provider, granting you a sufficient amount of RAM, bandwidth, and disk space, therefore an unmatched value for money. The best part is that you’ll
**never have to pay overage fees for exceeding the bandwidth limit *Research Findings* **Free Trial If you’re not happy with Hostinger’s self-managed VPS services, they will refund your payment within 30 days, with no hassle, no risk. **Performance Hostinger utilizes multiple data centers to ensure maximum reliability and minimum latency. Each VPS is based on the latest Intel Xeon processors, terabytes of NVMe SSD storage, and 512 GB RAM, providing sufficient processing power for any medium or large-scale online project. **Features With Hostinger, you can expect full root access, dedicated IPv6, automated backups and manual live snapshots, NFS support, and instant OS deployment for your VPS hosting with CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or Suse. **Ease of Use Hostinger’s VPS plans include a user-friendly control panel to simplify server management. Still, you’ll need some technical skills since you are fully responsible for configuring and managing your virtual server. Fortunately, you can reach its customer support live chat 24/7/365 for guidance and problem resolution. **Pricing Hostinger offers cheap entry-level VPS plans, starting at $1.99 per month for 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD Disk Space, 1TB Bandwidth, and a few extras. Its standard rates are quite pricey, but you can frequently benefit from discounts, especially as a new customer. *Pros &Cons* **Pros
- Top-notch protection (BitNinja, advanced DDoS protection, and other custom-built tools)
- Impressively fast website loading times and a 99.9% server uptime guarantee
- Simple to scale using the custom VPS web hosting control panel
- Self-managed VPS (you must have the technical skills to use it to its full potential)
- Only provides Linux-based VPS hosting (no Windows or any other OS)
- Exceeding the bandwidth limits will reduce the network speed to a maximum of 5 Mbps until it resets again

**the freedom and flexibility to run your VPS as you like 

As a European cloud alternative, IONOS might not have the best reputation. Still, it’s one of the most powerful and secure free VPS providers, utilizing
**high-performance, ISO 27001 certified data centers** backed by its commitment to provide you with **the highest uptime Overall Score: 1.5 Free Trial: 1.5 Performance: 1.7 Features: 1.5 Ease of Use: 1.3 Pricing: 1.7
IONOS’ VPS hosting is fully virtualized for more isolation, autonomy, and security. You’ll enjoy
**fast, reliable VPS hosting featuring SSD storage and dedicated resources And the best part is that you’ll receive **unlimited traffic in all free VPS packages never reaching a cap or having to pay overage fees. *Research Findings* **Free Trial You can test IONOS’ VPS plans risk-free for 30 days and cancel anytime with a monthly term or after 12 months with an annual term. **Performance IONOS utilizes secure ISO-certified data centers in the US, UK, and Europe. You’ll benefit from 99.99% uptime to keep your project online, resulting in fewer outages. In addition, the company has a patented technology stack for maximum data security and compliance with legislation such as the CLOUD Act. **Features You’ll get fully virtualized VPS with full root access and API, unlimited bandwidth, optional Plesk Web Host Edition, unlimited number of mailboxes, optional domain add-on, unlimited external domains, pre-installed apps, and more. **Ease of Use Since IONOS offers self-managed VPS solutions, you’ll need skills to configure, optimize, and maintain your hosting environment. On the good side, you’ll get a dedicated personal adviser to help answer any queries 24/7 (but they will not help you with server management). **Pricing You can choose from standard VPS plans with a lower monthly price, starting at $2 per month for a vCore, 512MB RAM and 10GB SSD, or memory-optimized alternatives. In addition, IONOS customers can choose from monthly and annual terms and pre-paid or post-paid billing. *Pros &s Cons* **Pros
- Fully scalable virtual server with flexible and predictable pricing
- VPS hosting designed for maximum security (SSL encryption, firewall management, DDoS protection)
- A range of operating systems and distributions (both Linux and Windows)
- Not particularly beginner-friendly (premium support costs an extra fee)
- Backups come at an additional price (with an industry-leading solution from Acronis)

IONOS delivers
**VPS performance without compromises** on one of the cheapest self-managed solutions on the market. **A small entry fee** combined with **a 30-day refund policy What’s not to love? Check out all it has to provide as soon as possible

Are you looking for
**the best free VPS hosting designed for Windows professionals If I were you, I would get Time4VPS plans powered by Windows Server 2012, 2016, and 2019. Overall Score: 4.1 Free Trial: 4.4 Performance: 4.2 Features: 3.9 Ease of Use: 4.1 Pricing: 4.1
Time4VPS offers
**self-managed KVM Windows VPS** with amazing features, powerful hardware, secure storage, flexible billing, and assistance on demand. Their Windows VPS customers benefit from instant provisioning and **a simple, automated server setup *Research Findings* **Free Trial You can sign up for only a month for a short-term project or test out the code you’ve been working on without committing obligations. And if you’re unhappy with what you got, you can get a refund during the first 30 days of service. **Performance Time4VPS maintains its Uptime Institute certified TIER III Data Center in Europe and utilizes powerful hardware for continuous 24/7 connectivity with 99.98% availability and the best VPS Windows performance. **Features You’ll get a free license for your virtual Windows system with each VPS you acquire, administrator access to transform the server to your liking upon the initial setup, one IPv4 address and one primary IPv6 address, secure RAID storage, and more. **Ease of Use As a Time4VPS customer, you’ll benefit from its Init Scripts, eliminating the need for a manual server setup. After the OS installation, the scripts are executed automatically so that you’ll run your system in just 5 minutes. The provider also offers assistance for the Plesk control panel of your VPS Windows, a broad knowledge base, and an active community forum for self-help. **Pricing You can choose from eight Windows VPS plans, pay monthly or annually, starting at €5.49 per month for a 1×2.6 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB Storage, 4TB Bandwidth, and optional backups. The bigger plans are priced appropriately depending on the offered resources with each package. *Pros &s Cons* **Pros
- Quick and seamless upscaling cheap Windows VPS services
- Fast and simple setup with technical assistance on demand (via live chat and tickets)
- Free license for every Windows Server 2012, 2016, or 2019 OS with each Windows VPS
- Prices almost double on renewal (you can benefit from the initial rates longer by signing up for the annual plan)
- Limited to servers in Europe (might cause latency on other continents)

**customize your Windows virtual environment freely with easy and fast service management. It’s the perfect fit for anyone opting for a reliable Windows server on a secure and scalable infrastructure. Feel free to check out its plans today! 

I recommend Hostwinds as the best free VPS server for a variety of options. You can select from
**managed or unmanaged Linux or Windows VPS hosting Either way, you’ll benefit from impeccable uptime and server security. Overall Score: 4.7 Free Trial: 4.3 Performance: 4.9 Features: 4.8 Ease of Use: 4.8 Pricing: 4.8
All Hostwinds VPS plans include
**a 99.9999% uptime, 1 Gbps ports, SSDs, an enterprise firewall, and custom ISOs The company also offers **a real-time monitoring service** whereby they proactively monitor your server and automatically open a support ticket for you in the event of a technical issue. *Research Findings* **Free Trial Your service will be eligible for a refund if you issue the request within seventy-two hours of the payment transaction time, being the date of the original purchase or renewal for the service in question. **Performance Hostwinds utilizes a redundant network with no single point of failure and enterprise hardware. It grants you instant scalability depending on your needs, meaning your VPS will always be available whenever you need it. **Features You can launch your server on your favorite distribution or use one of Hostwinds’ pre-configured applications for WHM, cPanel, WordPress, and more and be up and running in seconds. Every Hostwinds VPS comes standard with various additional tools and utilities for your convenience, including nightly backups, snapshots, firewall, volumes, and load balancers. **Ease of Use With its managed VPS solutions, you can let Hostwinds handle the hard staff by providing valuable troubleshooting and assistance when you need it most. Its custom-built cloud portal further facilitates managing your servers. **Pricing You can start at $8.24 per month with a managed Linux VPS hosting plan, including 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB Storage, and 1TB Bandwidth, or cut your costs in half with unmanaged VPS hosting. *Pros &Cons* **Pros
- Superior 99.9999% uptime commitment and robust security
- Affordable, unmanaged VPS solutions with full root access, SSH access, and VNC
- Easy to use managed VPS with 24/7/365 support via live chat and support tickets
- Refunds requested before the cancellation or outside the 72-hour time window from the payment transaction time are considered invalid and not eligible for a refund
- Mandatory KYC (Know your customer) document scans (might be time-consuming)

**an excellent uptime record, robust security, and quick response time for all incidents It’s a dream come true, especially for more demanding users

I find FastComet
**the best free VPS server for Linux distributions The company offers a fully managed SSD cloud VPS, and they are so confident in their infrastructure that they offer **a 7-day money-back guarantee Overall Score: 4.8 Free Trial: 4.7 Performance: 4.9 Features: 4.8 Ease of Use: 4.9 Pricing: 4.7
While Linux/Unix experience can be useful,
**you don’t need any tech knowledge or administration skills** to take full advantage of FastComet’s VPS servers. All of its services come with the best web-based cPanel/WHM control panel, via which you can manage all your sites hassle-free. *Research Findings* **Free Trial You have seven days to test FastComet’s VPS servers. If you are unhappy with the solution during the first full week, they will cancel the subscription and grant you a full refund of the hosting fee, excluding any setup or processing fee paid during the signup process. **Performance FastComet offers a fully managed, SSD-only cloud for 300% faster access to your files and databases. The provider utilizes nine enterprise-class datacenters and 200 Global CDN Anycast Network access points, delivering lightning-fast speeds and 99.9% uptime commitment. **Features Care-free Infrastructure as a Service powered by the cPanel, rapid provisioning, automated daily and weekly backups and free full data snapshots upon request, FastGuard server security, RocketBooster speed optimization, Observer Monitoring, and more. **Ease of Use With FastComet’s Smart Control, you’ll get to deploy, manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure in just a few clicks on any device. You’ll also benefit from the most popular and user-friendly control panel, cPanel/WHM. Its team will maintain your server and offer 24/7 support for your infrastructure and apps. **Pricing FastComet’s VPS plans might seem expensive, but they are worth every dime. You can start at $59.95 per month for one 2.50GHz Core, 2GB ECC RAM, 50GB SSD Space, 2TB Bandwidth, and 2000 Mbps Network Out. *Pros &osCons* **Pros
- Fully managed VPS with cPanel and 24/7/365 technical assistance
- Completely scalable solution with rapid provisioning (get your server deployed in minutes, start small and work your way up)
- SSD-only cloud for the fastest possible speeds + CDN
- Pretty expensive entry-level plans
- Unmanaged VPS isn’t available for tech-savvy users

**up and going in less than 15 minutes So, what are you waiting for? Start your VPS hosting journey today! 
== When Do You Need to Consider VPS Hosting? ==
**Situations when you need to consider utilizing a VPS
- Your website uses more resources than what your shared hosting plan allows
- You need to install unique modules or programs
- You opt for root/admin access for better server control
- You need a virtual development environment for testing and developing applications
- For managing sensitive data and conducting financial transactions
- Your website experiences a significant increase in traffic
**When it would be best to pass on purchasing a VPS
- Your website is experiencing low traffic levels
- You’re just starting and want to master the fundamentals, such as FTP, WordPress, &s,cPanel
- The power of a VPS is insufficient, meaning you need a dedicated server
**Important VPS provides better speed and scalability than shared hosting while isolating your site from other users’ websites. It is also considerably less expensive than dedicated hosting

== Reasons Why Free VPS Services Are a Scam ==
Nobody voluntarily gives something to aof strangers for free without a motive, including free VPS hosting companies. Here’s
**why they might offer you forever free services They want your data –you might encounter The free VPS might be the “man in the middle” –the operator of the free VPS still has the opportunity to violate security and privacy. Whenever you log into what seems to be a trustworthy website, a man-in-the-middle assault (MITM) happens. The MITM attacker subsequently takes your log-in information, passwords, and other private details using theor compromised destination. These frauds typically target financial data. Information about your visitors is equally significant –you are not alone at risk. Your users may face a higher risk of cyberattacks; without awareness, their purchases, log-in details, passwords, and more can become vulnerable to theft. You bring in more people into the cycle –Most free providers include a referral program. Anytime you share your unique link and a relative subscribes to a paying service, you receive free hosting. However, once people join the service and give bank information as “proof of payment,” theis obvious. The person’s credit card is billed for services the VPS hosting company said were “free of charge.” There are vulnerabilities in the VPS –Your VPS setup might be compromised if its setting doesn’t provide modern OS alternatives. These weaknesses might be exploited if mitigation is not in place. The VPS is in an area with dubious laws –The address of the VPS server is crucial if you intend to establish a private VPN on a free VPS host. While this might not be your sole privacy worry, you should stay away from VPSs that aren’t registered in secure locations

If monetizing your data wasn’t terrible, free virtual private servers have fewer resources and storage choices than commercial ones. All these factors can
**negatively impact your site’s performance and loading times which may result in decreased revenue

== Best Free VPS Hosting Services: Final Recommendations ==
We all know that “the best things in life are free.” But unfortunately,
**there is no such thing as free VPS hosting. **There’s always a trade-off between price and quality; you’ll have to pay in other ways for a free service, usually by getting a subpar service filled with advertisements or data collecting practices. So, while finding the best free VPS might be alluring, you must keep in mind that every supplier of a top free VPS is trying to make money off of you in some manner

Free VPS trials, on the other hand, are the opposite different. Reputable companies offer you such services to
**help you ensure that you get the right product for your business Still, some VPS trials are better than others. You don’t want to get severely limited capabilities