= Looking for cheap KMV VPS hosting for VPN =

New boy to self hosting, looking to set up my own VPN server. So I am looking for a cheap VPS hosting with data center in England. Who have good value VPS with unlimited or a good bandwidth
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I've found httpsserverhunter.com works pretty well, you get a lot of filters and stuff that you don't get with low end talk unless I've missed that
Thank you for all your replays to my first post.. I a shocked how helpful you all are

I was just about to post ionos. For 1 buck, you get a super cheap gps, perfect for vpn use. And unlimited bandwidth

AWS have a free tier: httpsaws.amazon.com/free/
after 11 months, start a new account and server, copy over the specific configs from the old server and cancel the old one

it's a bit of a faff each time, so it's best to use puppet or ansible to configure the server, and then it becomes relatively trivial to switch server or provider

I use Hetzner, and has a very good prices, but I don't know if there are servers in England. Mine are in Deutschland
If you just want a VPN then I'd just get a free Oracle Cloud ARM instance in one of the UK datacentres and whack WireGuard on it

I've one in London and get gigabit throughput. Just remember you need to max the instance out to 24Gb RAM, 4vCPU to get that throughput

Thanks I will looking into this one. Why I am learning it might be better to use a free service

I would welcome more feedback on Oracle free VPS
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