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As you all know, besides Linode and DigitalOcean, Vultr is a famous VPS Server and Cloud Server provider that has been trusted and used by many large domestic and foreign web/blogs. Vultr is not only trusted by its good quality, high uptime, but it is also used by many users because Vultr VPS has a relatively cheap price and always has many Vultr coupon codes and discount codes for newly registered accounts

With the lowest price for the VPS package of only $5/month, you can immediately own a VPS with 1GB RAM configuration, 25Gb SSD, 1000Gb bandwidth.

Especially, Vultr often has a promo code to give away free $100 credits for all newly registered accounts.Vultr's datacenter is located in 17 regions around the world such as North America, Europe to Asia such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore.

Currently Vultr is having great promotions such as giving new customers $100 and an extra $3 with just a few steps using your Twitter account, so this article will focus on introducing you to the best promotions. The latest Vultr coupon codes are being applied. Please read the information below and choose for yourself the promotional packages that suit your usage needs to register.

After the $100 free promotion stopped, we thought Vultr would end that program, but now Vultr is having a new program for customers using Vultr for the first time, just create an account. If successful, you will have 100$ to experience Cloud VPS service at

This offer is only available to those who do not have an account and register for a new Vultr account. So hurry up before the offer ends.


- This program applies to new accounts only.

- $100 Free Credit will only be usable within 30 days and applies to all existing services on

After successfully logging in to your Vultr account, you just need to perform a simple operation and you can immediately receive an additional $ 3 from Vultr. This is a promotion that is applicable to both old and new accounts for those of you who use additional social networks Twitter, please check back to receive an additional 3$ to your account.

Thus, the total amount that you can receive when applying these 2 programs is $ 103 , there is a note that this money you can only use for a period of 30 days only.

1. You need to load at least $ 5 on account of Visa / MasterCard to confirm the account, and then will be returned.

2. If you see the message "This card is not eligible for free credit promotions" , it means that your bank card is not accepted for payment at Vultr, then you need to use another bank account. You should use Visa/MasterCard credit card, don't use debit / prepaid card.

3. After selecting the appropriate configuration and clicking the DEPLOY button , it will take a few minutes for the VPS to be created successfully. Click the View Console button to see the VPS creation process at Vultr.

Does Vultr coupon have a time limit to receive it?

Yes. Offers from Vultr all have a limited time to receive. So, you should get it as soon as possible. Usually Vultr will not specify an end time, they will stop at any time without notice.

Can old accounts get free credits?

The answer is yes. However, only occasionally does Vultr offer free credits for old accounts. Is there a chance to receive $ 3 if you have not connected Vultr to your Twitter account.

Does the credit given by Vultr have an expiration date?

Yes. The number of credits Vultr gives will usually have a limit of 30 days.

So with the above information, we have compiled the most attractive Vultr promotions, coupons of Vultr so that you can get $100 free credit to be able to experience VPS services at Vultr. Hope you will experience the quality VPS from Vultr at the most economical price with the Vultr coupon codes I shared above.

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