I will explain to you How to Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate. So, Contabo VPS server can be tricky to setup and Contabo Configure VPS if you are not familiar with hosting services.

== Contabo Pricing ==

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/contabo-VPS.jpg Contabo VPS Pricing

You how you can get Contabo VPS for as low as 4 euros per month with control panel. yes, you heard it right you get fully configured Contabo HighPerformance VPS with web and panel for just 4 euros and wait to see what computer resources you will get for that price it willyour mind away so don’t waste any more time let’s go by that Contabo.

Shared Hosting VPS and Contabo Dedicated Server there are 7 options to choose Contabo VPS on the left you will find HDD servers and on the right SSD servers. I highly recommend buying any of SSD based servers in my opinion that is the best buy option but since this is just tutorial I will buy a 5-euro VPS.

Ok let us customize it here is reminder what we selected just for comparison at famous GoDaddy register you would pay 45 pounds for the same package excluding tax anyway moving on we get a free DDoS protection with each package.

== Choose Operating System & Storage ==

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/contabo-vps-12-months-setup-fee.jpg Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate - Choose Operating System & Storage

Other options we do not need any of these now choose CentOS as your operating system no windows. thanks here just select lamp checkbox yes we will install the admin panel but do not select it here because it will interfere later. If you want additional backup storage you can choose. I don’t need it and choose a length of term as you can see for 12 months setup fee is 0. I will choose just one month for this tutorial but you can choose whatever you want and click order now.

== Contabo Payment Methods ==

- You will enter your payment information after you are done scroll down and you have an option to add a note but if you enter something it will delay purchasing an order.

- Last Step is to check these boxes and click Submit order now finish your payment and that would be it you will receive your login credentials at your email address.

- But Keep in mind it takes about a half an hour to receive an email.

== Buy A New Domain ==

Next step is to buy a domain if you already do not have one use Namecheap to buy a domain. You can Register A New Domain You will fill your personal information.

== Download and Connect PuTTY ==

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/connect-putty.jpg Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate - Download and Connect PuTTY

- We must use SSH protocol I assume you are on Windows so to connect to VPS you will have to use SSH client putty is a free SSH client for Windows.

- Next Step is to set up your Contabo VPS and putty open your email with login data and copy IP address paste it now click connect.

- Login as root and your password copy and paste it to paste here Hold Ctrl Key and Right-Click.

== Install and Configure Virtualmin, Webmin ==

Step 1: Install Virtualmin, Webmin.

# wget httpsoftware.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.

Step 2: Now Copy and Paste this command hit enter now go and copy this command as well with orders to do since you are routed confirmed by typing Y and press ENTER. Login by following this URL address or use your server IP copy your server IP add HTTP colon slash slash at port 10000. bypass this warning your login name is root and password is the same as the one we use to connect via SSH.

- httpshostname:10000 or httpsServerIP:10000

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/webmin-add-a-domain.jpg Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate: Install and Configure Virtualmin, Webmin - Create Virtual Server

Step 3: Click create virtual server now as your domain name type domain you want to attach.

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/webmin-SSL.jpg Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate: Install and Configure Virtualmin, Webmin - Enable Features

Step 4: Down here type your password no need to touch Advanced Options and IP address and forwarding under enable features check setup SSL website to check box and click create server.

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Setup-Namecheap-DNS.jpg Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate: Install and Configure Virtualmin, Webmin - Namecheap Custom DNS

Step 5: Moving on to the main register website I am using Namecheap but if you are using other domain registered procedures should be similar click the main list choose your domain and on the right side click manage under name servers you will find three options click Custom DNS.

Contabo DNS Servers:

- ns1.contabo.net

- ns2.contabo.net

- ns3.contabo.net

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/contabo-DNS-zone-management.jpg Setup Contabo VPS and Install WordPress SSL Certificate: Install and Configure Virtualmin, Webmin - DNS Zone Management

Step 6: Login at Contabo and navigate to DNS Zone Management type in your domain name and select your target IP address. which is your server IP click create zone and there you go we just connected the main to our VPS but guys keep in mind that it takes up to 48 hours for name servers to propagate.

== Install WordPress and SSL certificate On Webmin Contabo VPS ==

httpshostingworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/webmin-install-WordPress.jpg Install WordPress and SSL certificate On Webmin Contabo VPS

- Click Install Scripts now select WordPress and click show install options install subdirectory under select at the top level.

- Now Click Preview Website under services.

- Choose Language and Click Continue.

- Next Type Website Title Username, Password and Email Address and Last Step is to Click Install WordPress.

- We need to Install SSL certificate easiest way to get the green padlock is to install let us encrypt SSL which is free as well go to where to Webmin Panel and under Server Configuration Click SSL Certificate.

- Choose a let us encrypt tab here you can control which domains will request a certificate even though lets encrypt SSL Certificate expire every 3 months. You should Set Automatic Renewal Period to 2 months in case something goes wrong so you have time to fix it and now click request certificate.

- Secure Connection to Convert Entire Site to HTTPS Install and Activate Really Simple SSL WordPress plugin.