There are a lot of VPS hostings available for users to choose from. Each has its feature and pricing plans. Vultr ranks high on the list of VPS systems available; the reasons for its top position is not hard to see. For one, it is a global web hosting solution that offers users juicy packages at ridiculously low prices

To fully appreciate the wonder that Vultr VPS is, you must understand its features, pricing alongside other benefits you stand to gain. Do not worry; we will be providing you with everything you need to know about Vultr VPS in this article

== About Vultr VPS ==
Vultr VPS is currently the world’s largest network, thanks to its servers placed strategically in over 14 cities. David Aninowsky founded Vultr in 2014 with a focus on cloud services. The servers are not the regular kind, but top quality solid-state drive cloud servers

The main focus of Vultr VPS is on providing hosting solutions for start-up companies and developers. The plans are categorized into different groups with varying features. The Vultr plan you settle for depends largely on the amount of incoming traffic your site experiences

== What Does Vultr VPS Have to Offer? ==
As a site owner, you are most likely searching for a VPS server that gives you superior performance and rest of mind. The good news is that Vultr VPS can offer you that and so much more. Let’s examine a few of what this premium web hosting VPS solution has to offer your business

- Worldwide Network - Vultr’s boasts of being the largest worldwide network with over 14 locations in cities to its name. These locations offer you premium access to the server wherever you are. It is best to select a server close to your location

- Improved Performance – In the world of performance, the server's location matters a lot. The same way picking up an item from a distant location is stressful, serving data from a far distance can drain the overall performance. However, thanks to the different servers located in different cities, server performance is greatly improved

- Customized Control Panel – Your control panel is a vital aspect of any cloud hosting service. With this in mind, the Vultr VPSs control panel was designed. The control panel allows you to install many applications and features with a single click. The ease of installation saves valuable time that you can now channel to more pressing issues

- Astonishing Speed – Speed is one of the requirements each VPS server must fulfill. Vultr VPS exceeds your speed expectations. You can tell this is true by merely considering the initial activation process. Also, the deployment system usually completes its spins in under a minute

- Dedicated IP Addresses – Vultr VPS offers you dedicated IP addresses that you can customize. Thus, you have a semblance of a dedicated server while enjoying the reliability the ultra-fast Intel offers

- Improved Security – Guaranteed security is key for any VPS hosting system. Vultr has mastered the act of providing high-level security to her clients. In effect, the numerous data centers provide an extended network that allows them to back your data up in many different locations. This way, you are guaranteed your server data remains safe even if one server fails

== Does Vultr VPS Offer High-Performance SSD? ==
Yes, Vultr VPS offers users a hosting platform with high-performance SSD. It is one of the distinguishing factors of the Vultr VPS. The high-performance solid-state drivers (SSDs) are responsible for the enhanced performance you experience while using this VPS

== Can I Use Vultr VPS in My Country? ==
You can use Vultr VPS worldwide. They have servers situated in 16 different cities. These locations are Tokyo, Singapore, France, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Silicon Valley, and Toronto

== Why Should I Choose Vultr VPS? ==
Vultr takes great pride in its global presence. Another source of pride for Vultr is their top-notch technical support. You can assess help via emails, phones, tickets, or live chat. You will also find many FAQs and useful guides on their website. The biggest perk for us is the freedom to scale up your VPS with just a few clicks

Several other benefits come with choosing Vultr VPS. Let’s look at some of them

- Affordable Yet Reliable Servers – With as little as a $2.5 monthly access fee, you can gain access to some of Vultr VPS features. There’s also a monthly plan of $5 that offers you the basic features you need to run your small business. While the $5 plan is not bad for someone looking to run only one server, you may need to subscribe for the $10 plan if you plan to run multiple websites

- Powerful CPU – The basic Compute VPS plan costing above $10 is designed with the Intel Skylake CPU. This 7th generation CPU helps to optimize your server speed. With the High-frequency compute plan, you can use a powerful CPU that utilizes over 3GHz processors. This remarkable feature is accessible for a minimum price of $6 monthly

- Flexibility - The joy of using a VPS rests mainly in the flexibility it offers. Vultr VPS allows users to install all the applications they could want from scratch. You get to choose the operating system, programs to install, the version of PHP you want, etc. Also notable is that you are allowed to run multiple websites on the same server at no extra cost

Theflexibility you are offered allows you to upgrade your server online easily. You can also choose to install specific apps and services like a game server or real-time chat

- Multiple Data Centers – Everyone acknowledges how important it is to have your server close to your site users. Asides from boosting server performance, it also improves ranking and site geolocation. Thanks to the numerous server locations for Vultr VPS, locating a server nearby is no more a herculean task

Choosing a data center close to you not only improves your site’s performance but helps boost its security. Your site’s data is efficiently stored up in multiple servers such that even when one server fails, you are not left stranded

- Free Snapshots - Snapshots are a great way of backing up your server completely. It is a feature that lets you create an image of your running instance as a backup. From time to time, you must use this snapshot feature to have something to fall back on if something happens

Snapshot differs from traditional backups because snapshots are carried out manually, while backups are done automatically. Vultr VPS offers you this awesome feature at no extra cost, unlike other hosting providers

- Easy to Use Interface – Vultr VPS provides you with an interface that is spontaneous, user-friendly, and easy to use. SVultr VP's interface is very user-friendly, spontaneous, and easy to use. The interface has bold labels and marked menu buttons describing the services

- Smooth Application Installation - Like most hosting providers, Vultr offers you root access to the VPS server. Having root access is a huge benefit. You can install your choice applications with the mere click of a button

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have any application you desire running. You get all this for less than $5 a month

Vultr currently offers the following popular applications with one click, which saves time compared to trying to build from scratch: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, Minecraft, OwnCloud, OpenVPN, cPanel, etc

== What are the Vultr VPS Plans Available? ==
- Cloud Compute (VC2) – This plan is a cloud-based one where long-term commitment is not required. You can comfortably deploy your server from any of the 16 Vultr server locations worldwide. As we have mentioned earlier, the deployment does not waste time; it is almost instantaneous

As the user under this plan, you will get root access to the server and a feature-packed control panel. You can choose your API access, operating system, and every other thing you need to customize your server. All in all, Cloud Compute 2 is a great option for users looking to try out advanced website hosting

- Bare Metal Simplified – Vultr offers users this option with resource-intensive websites and web applications. One way to look at this plan is as a dedicated server with added customization features. The customization allows you to set up your server and run it with as little hassles as is possible. In addition to the automation, you can also set up your server and deploy it quickly

The bare metal simplified plan is akin to the dedicated server hosting, as we previously stated. Thus, it is expected that you get root access to your server and the environment. You also get unrestricted access to the physical hardware your site uses

We recommend this Vultr VPS plan if you are looking for powerful hosting that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

- Dedicated Instances – The dedicated plan is a great alternative to the Bare Metal simplified Plan. The features include dedicated resources that you can lease. You can lease the parts of the server or the entire server

With this leasing option, you can lease 50% of the dedicated server via the hourly billing option. Think of this plan as an even more flexible, dedicated server hosting option. The plan is especially suited to clients who find the Cloud Compute option to offer less than what they desire and the Bare Metal Simplified plan to offer too much

For example, you might want to rent 50% of a dedicated server using hourly billing

- Block Storage - Vultr offers her users a Block Storage option. While the block storage plan is not a web hosting in the strict sense, it provides you with a higher storage feature. Your data is backed up and saved three times, ensuring that you never lose your precious data

== How Can I Access Vultr VPS? ==
Now that we have your full attention, you must be dying to know how you can access the Vultr VPS. As with everything that has an end, there is always a beginning; a first step. In this case, the first step is creating a Vultr VPS account

To create an account with Vultr VPS, you must signup first. Go to their website and click on sign up. Once all of that is done, you will need to log in to your account with your unique log-in details. Once logged in, navigate to the dashboard and click on the blue “add” button to create a new server

Next, select your desired server type from the four options available (Scroll up to find extensive information on these four Vultr types). After this, you will be prompted to select a server location. We advise that you select one in a nearby region

The next step will involve selecting your desired operating system for the server. If you select Ubuntu, be sure to click on the long-term support option. It affords you five years of free security updates after the first release. If you do not find the operating system you desire on Vultr, upload your ISO file

Now comes the important part; deciding the resources of your server. You can get basic resources for as low as $5 a month. If you need more server resources to work with, you should consider scaling up to their other monthly plans. After carefully following the steps above, you should be able to deploy your Vultr server

Congratulations, you can now access the Vultr server. You will receive an email containing your Vultr server's IP address and guides on how you can interact with it

== Conclusion ==
Vultr is one of the top VPS hosting providers. Thanks to the SSD drives and multiple server locations, Vultr VPS can provide you with top-quality performance and speed. In between the superb performance, speed, security, and reliability, there simply isn’t anything to complain about

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