Like DigitalOcean offers $100 and Linode gives $50 to any new accounts,
** Vultr is also giving a $50 credit bonus to its new users that signing up this month 
The $50 credit offer is only for new accounts who have never use any Vultr service before, it will be valid for the first 30 days after issue. You must have a valid credit card, email account to get this

No promo code is necessary. To receive this offer, just click to the activation link below and sign up for your account

 Create Vultr Account and Receive $50 Credit**$50 credit will be automatically funded after you activate the account.*
Your card will be charged $2.5 for verifying your account, it will back in several days. A note that if you go over $50 in infrastructure services during the 30 day period, any overage charges will be charged at the standard pricing of Vultr

– If you get the error “
*This card is not eligible for free credit promotions that means your card is not accepted for this offer, let's change to another

– If you get the error “
*Unable to process your payment: This transaction was denied by the credit card issuer then please check your card to assure it's activated, enough amount for payment, and the international transaction is enabled. Also, check the information you have filled. *Good luck 🙂*