How to Install Free Ubuntu VPS in the Cloud Easily - In this article we will share information on How to Install Free Ubuntu VPS in the Easy Cloud that you need to know, see the full review below.

Before we share more information on How to Install Free Ubuntu VPS in the Cloud, it would be good for you to know in advance the uses of this Ubuntu VPS.

You can use your own hosting to help get the limnk cPanel server and also the username and password.

As for Vps is one that can receive a server from some devices that are still empty. You can also use Ubuntu, Debian and even CentOS on Cloud VPS to receive it.

== How to Install Free Ubuntu VPS in the Cloud Easily ==

If you can't wait to find out about how to install a free Ubuntu VPS in the cloud easily, you can follow some of the methods below that the admin has provided for you.

 1. Login Client Area DomaiNesia ( 

In your browser, go to Then enter the username and password. This usename and password is the account when you register with DomaiNesia before purchasing the domain or hosting.

 2. Choosing a Cloud VPS 

If so, you will be directed to the client area dashboard. In the client area, you can find out what products are purchased.

To install Ubuntu on Cloud VPS, please click service. In the VM section, please select the Cloyd VPS for which you want to install the OS.

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 3. Select the Reinstall Menu 

Wait a minute, then you will also be directed to the Cloud VPS dashboard page. You can click the Overview tab and select the reinstall menu available under the Cloud VPS information.

 4. Selecting the Operating System Used 

Then you select the desired OS, there are 5 Linux operating systems to choose from such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and also Opensuse.

Please select Ubuntu and also select the one you want. In DomaiNesia Cloud VPS, Ubuntu operating system has 3 versions such as 20.04, 18.04, and also 16.04.

In this guide will install Ubuntu 18.04 on Cloud VPS. After selecting the Ubuntu version directly you click.

Then we will reconfirm by sending a notification stating whether you will actually install Ubuntu, If so, please click Yes.

Wait for the process of installing Ubuntu on Cloud VPS to complete. You will be informed if the installation of Ubuntu has been successful.

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 5. Accessing Cloud VPS 

If the installation process is complete, in the Overview tab section in the Summary menu will display the Ubuntu operating system that has been installed earlier.

If your Cloud VPS already has a running status, then the Cloud VPS is ready to use. To be able to access Cloud VPS, just directly do SSH access to Cloud VPS.