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Hi, I am an IT president of my department's university's self government council and our university just allowed us to have a new server that I'm supposed to set up. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with devops andno one from our council has. After weeks of research I though that the easiest and most reliable setup would be with nginx and dokku. I read also about ledokku and alternative using kubernetes. I'm curious what are expert thoughts on that.

We want to be able to easily host not only WordPress sites but also some backend written with Node.js or .Net. I want this to be as little setup and most functionality.

For context We have old server with like 2gb ram (lol) and Apache server where we have multiple WordPress sites but with new council board we thought that we want to teach people about proper full stack development as we have years of experience in that.

I'd appreciate any help 😄 Best regards

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