= Best vps backup setup? =

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Looking to backup a vps, on digitalocean. Running plausible analytics on it!

I saw snapshooter that lets you take snapshots, partially self-hosted as you can bring your own storage.

But I'd rather not pay for it. Does anyone have a setup that they use? Ideally to S3 and or on site storage.

It will just be for a couple docker volumes

If you're self-hosting anyway, you can simply rsync to your local machine and take zfs snapshots. That's what I do. Cron job every day that basically does this (on the local box):

rsync -av [email protected] /backups/yourvps zfs snapshot tank/backups/yourvpsdate +%s)

That's the "good enough" solution if you don't need offsite backup

Hey there Simon here the founder of SnapShooter.

We have a free plan that lets you backup one thing to external storage daily.

If not we have aof guides httpsSnapShooter.com/learn if you wanted todo the backups yourself.

We recommend you install rclone it’s a great tool for uploading data to s3 and other storage on it.

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